I was wondering if there are any brothers or sisters who follow Ayatollah Sistani, and believe in Wilayat of Ayatollah Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei as well. I am in my mid fifties and my marja taghleed has been following Ayatollah Khoei I am told I must change marja since he passed away in 1992. (salam) I was first in taqlid of Ayatollah Khamenei but later I replaced him with Ayatollah Sistani. This is because of the fact that majority of Shia scholars in the Hawza of Najaf Ashraf, Qum, Mashhad and other places, believe that Ayatullah Sistani is the most knowledgeable among Shia high caliber scholars (Mujtahids). Basit is in Taqleed of Ayt. Majority of the Shia Muslims today follow in Taqleed, Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyed Ali al-Husaini al- Sistani. The problem often goes far beyond. Any person - doing the taqleed of Ayatollah As-Sistani – wishing to make a Will under Shia Law might want to request his solicitor or other professional advisor to consider the commentary in the book before preparing one. I came to this conclusion after visiting their websites. Reasons:1) Ayatollah Sistani is more knowledgeable than Ayatollah Khamenei. ... Ayatollah S.Ali Sistani Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani Ayatollah S.Ali Khamenei Ayatollah Naser Makarem Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani Ayatollah S.Saeed Hakim. In an unprecedented move, six of the world’s top grand ayatollahs have voiced public support for Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani and his handling of the … Because folks who do taqleed to Syed Sistani when they submit a question they are expecting a Syed Sistani sanctioned Fatwa/Answer. ... And When I ask a question on this site, will it be answered based on his ruling or Ayatollah Al-Sistani’s? For one who has faith in Wilayat, and a strong believe in Ayatollah Khomeini, it becomes even harder, as he regards chess as HALAL.. the Worth Knowing features of this app are: - Complete Book - Page Zoom in Zoom Out - Easy To Use - Page indexing for navigation - Easy Install and Unistall Updated December 28, 2020 Read Tauzeeh ul Masail -in-Urdu- by Ayatullah Sistani online I have heard of stories of inconsistencies in reply to questions posed on the the marja's website and what the Marja actually says that ruling should be. Q61) What is Grand Ayatollah Sistani's fatwa on the use of IUD and pills by a woman to prevent pregnancy? following dialogues: Taqleed, Najis and Tahir things, Janabah (the state of being najis after a sexual act that may or may not lead to ejaculation), Haydh (menstruation), Wudhu (an act of ablution that is required before the performance of certain acts of worship), Ghusl (obligatory ceremonial bathing that … On the other hand, Mr. Abid cannot force Mr. Basit to break his fast as Mr. Basit’s Marja does not allow him to break his fast on that day. Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Husseini Sistani (born 4 August 1930), commonly known as Ayatollah Sistani, is one of the most powerful and influential Twelver Shia Marja in Iraq and the head of many of the hawzahs (seminaries) in Najaf. Tauzeeh ul Masail by Ayatullah Syed Ali Hussain Sistani in urdu. Now, if moon is sighted in Iran and not in Karachi and both stay in Karachi then Mr. Abid will celebrate Eid but Mr. Basit will fast. Sistani who says according to horizon. Thank you very much for your time. This book is a detailed discussion and analysis of Taqleed and Ijtihad and jurisprudence in the light of the Holy Qur’an and traditions. Also explains shortly about Risala and Marajay . The author of this book is Ayatollah al-Uzma Seyyid Ali al-Sistani who is a well known spiritual leader of Iraqi Shia Muslims. I think I am in his taqlid now.