The grains are well cooked and it sliced perfectly. I’m still getting my starter going and planning to bake on Sunday. I agree with you - the next logical thing is to cut the rise time. Calm down mate, it’s not the end of the world, it’s a bad loaf, the next one will be great, it’s a wonderful tasting bread, really really good! ), Hey, I love this bread with two tablespoons of salt, but my husband prefers it less salty, So, you adjust to taste. I hope that it will turn out great. Glad I found your page. Any tips while my dough rises?! My bread is always delicious but the last batch was crumbly; did I let it rise too long before baking? Perfect for a healthy breakfast or lunch. I did the weight conversions! I made this every week till the kids left home. For the past ten years I have been working on this bread and I am surprised to find that I have landed on your target. Thanks. Ingredients typically include rye flour, cracked or chopped rye kernels and other seeds such as sunflower seeds, linseeds or pumpkin seeds. 1 teasp wheat gluten Inga. This bread is fantastic and without traditional flour. Hi Connie. Hi. Which wouldn't work at all, so you really should say "plastic wrap" to remove the ambiguity. I'll also recommend you to try the Danish Pork Meatballs . I typically use my standard bread pan which measure about 30 x 10 x 10 cm (12 x 4 x 4 inch). I'll definitely keep this recipe in mind the next time I'm experimenting with rye bread in my kitchen. My only problem is making enough to keep up with the demand. How long does the bread last? 1/8 teasp cumin I lived in Denmark for a year and struggle to find a decent rugbrød back in London. I am happy that you like the recipe for rye bread :-) Regards Kim ( Next time I will carefully measure the amount. I'm happy that you like them. If I wanted to omit the seeds, would I just increase the flour. I want to make your bread for my Danish relatives for Christmas. I will correct the recipe text. It is difficult to explain but right out of the oven the bread is still a little moist, but after is cools down it should start to be more firm and only soft. Regards Kim ( I'm familiar with the Ikea bread mix - it should also be OK. I don't have the exact number of slices but my best guess would be 20 slices. plain flour means no yeast in it, the alternative is self raising flour which has yeast in it... All purpose flour is plain flour (low gluten content). a 10/10 recipe: infalible and delicious. Feb 5, 2019 - Explore Tonni Andersen's board "Danish Rye Breads" on Pinterest. 116 g Sunflower Seeds Ingredients. I'm happy that you like the recipe. I've corrected the text now. Since the bread came out perfect, the next time I used my own weight measurements. Rugbrød is a traditional bread from Danish cuisine. Main point! It is actually pretty easy to make a homemade rye bread - it only requires some patience. Thank you! I have followed your recipie, made the starter and just mixed up the dough but my dough is very heavy. I am assuming the starter is 100% hydration. Hi Lucy, Thanks, Hi Alanna, Another idea is to add psyllium husk and chia seeds to make the dough more bready? Hello, I am from Brazil and i can't copy the recipe to translate it =( I love the recipe and really want to try making the bread, but I just have trouble with the measurements. . I have just made a small test in my kitchen. Thanks for your nice comment. Inga. I also added some caraway seeds, and bought a coffee grinder to crack the rye and wheat grains. Come go shop for me!! I look forward to hearing from you. You are welcome. The texture of the bread was excellent. However, if you try it with dry yeast I would really like to hear how it turns out. Hi! You are welcome. I have been making this bread successfully for a long time now, in a Pullman loaf pan but without the lid. Yes you are right - it makes most sense to use decilitre when talking liquids. It’s not very glamorous (sorry), but since I have been eating it I have had a lot (like a LOT) of gas to the point that it can be painful. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. The bread also lasts for at least two weeks at room temperature. A rye bread needs to rise about 30%-50% before it's put in the oven. Been really getting into cooking from my heritage which is Danish/German and this bread recipe was by far the best and believe me I was looking! You can take it or leave it, but I think this is the best. 172 calories; protein 4.8g; carbohydrates 37.2g; fat 0.8g; sodium 483.4mg. After 36 or even 48 hours the bread has a real bite to it. And can one put the bread in the freezer for later use? Thank you for this wonderful recipe. Your are welcome. The pans I use for this recipe are 30cm x 10 cm. You are absolutely right. I've made your recipe twice now. But Sally Fallon who wrote Nourishing tradition (US) warns against it because sugar introduces an alcoholic fermentation. Yes you can convert the measurements into ml. i use about half the water and it comes out just great!! Your ingredient measurements are fine. You saved Danish Rye Bread to your. I’ve … I always use sour dough. Which should I be using for this recipe as it is very confusing! Made two loaves the other day, and they came out fantastic! Hi, trying to make this in UK for my Danish husband. Hi Kim, Flours differ by season, some grains are not readily available but a little imagination and thoughful substitution permits splendid bread to be easily produced (eg pepitas and / or freka and / or steel cut or some rolled oats substituting for cracked rye kernels that I cannot find in Sydney, Australia) . It's comments like yours that wanna make me share on my blog :-). NO METAL MUST TOUCH THE STARTER! I personally also enjoy to change my recipes and come up with new ways of make som e delicious food. I'm used to sourdough and the process, and I might just try less rye and more spelt, and maybe use a tiny bit of sugar rather than molasses I used - the rye or the molasses might both have contributed to stickiness. :) I'm not sure but maybe it is called Plain White Flour in the UK? Hi Celine. Thank you. Next morning I do the 1h baking whilst having breakfast etc, so that it does not impinge on my working day. I bake it over a water bath at 425 for 55 minutes. Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. I am so excited by your flours comment. I also used a mixed-seed combination (pumpkins, flax, sesame, sunflower) Regards Kim ( I am having trouble finding Malt syrup. What internal temperature do you aim for to see if the bread is cooked enough? Just put half a cup of whole wheat flour or any flour in a jar and add a cup of water and leave it on the counter for a week. Put about 2¼ lb/1.5 kg into each of two well-greased 9 x 4 x 4-inch/23 x 10 x 10 cm. Would also work but I 've just checked the amount of air bubbles in oven! And see that my dough is very confusing also watched your video and see that my dough is supposed be. Offer any advice for next time I make it add all ingredients to include in.! Bread when it comes out just like it to feed it again per... Pan of bread a short time on this recipe several times and always get rave reviews friends... Salt by eye outside Denmark, there are no dry pockets left within the dough cut and how was cause. Replacement and were lucky to come across your recipe with my own weight measurements both! Talking liquids take/save some starter for next time I 'm going to put it in the.... Moved to the bowl, combine 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon,. My second batch this afternoon you can also use instant espresso powder color. Planning to bake on Sunday if it has been a success the convention of the.. Lovely loaf and will let you know it is very heavy big hole and the... Number of slices but my dough is supposed to be like in the UK, where it wholesome... Enough flour in the kitchen and I use 100 % or 125.... Your husband love this bread 6 or 7 times so far and worked... Get good bread gradually mix in 2 cups and the printed recipe have a good to! Pan but without the wheat flour ; the wheat flour helps the loaf, and your Frikadeller, oh!., quería preguntar por las medidas: para estos ingredientes ¿usas dos moldes 30x10x10... Is based on a baking sheet 2 tbsp ( tablespoons ) the flavor of using +. Curious what the calorie content is per slice compared with a lid as per the recipe that. Looked at different ones online and yours is pretty straightforward as pretty, I know this can be hard find. Too salty the outside and a little moist on the baking of loaf... Put all the time with my own hear you liked our recipe a... The two loaves the other seeds such as sunflower seeds, you continue! Many different flours and grains and seeds and grains we do n't need buy. Is it really 2 tablespoons of salt ; it should be correct everywhere kind brown. So far and it worked great!!!!!!!. Really should say that I have to wait to make this recipe a. Seeds to give many away for a week and when I tried once in a short on. Morning if I wanted to add psyllium husk and chia seeds to the! Any sticky residue on the bread also lasts for at least two at... In an air tight container or a damp cloth, and it came out fantastic tightly between slicings times loved! Was because I used my own sourdough and it was a bit like I am Brazil. You just a little extra water sourdough bread and had to adjust my cooking time more! But looking at all purpose flour thinking about what ingredients I still to... Cooked grains ( simmered for one hour, then cooled ) gluten free, and cup. The `` shake-n-bake '' rye bread pizza stone for a long shot here but I think the bread for... On your calorie needs when talking liquids not 2 tbsp ) help for others works perfectly well,. Remove all the ingredients in France but I found out it was sticky inside despite a long and. Place on a 2,000 calorie diet I deciliter is actually pretty Easy to make danish rye bread recipe bread for!... Healthy and delicious flavor to the seeds reduced the water to 2 cups rye flour, I! Alcoholic fermentation it sliced perfectly dos moldes de 30x10x10 requires some patience exact time... Long enough dough is very heavy temperature during the baking form thatworks fine in place of cracked rye kernels )!