Located in Carcross, near Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. This was the first sunset I experienced in the Yukon. Through a programme called "SingleTrack to Success", local First Nations youth have built an extensive network of mountain bike trails on nearby Montana Mountain. The trail is primarily used for hiking. We enjoyed our van tour to the Yukon with Max. Sam July 31, 2020 Through a programme called "SingleTrack to Success", local First Nations youth have built an extensive network of mountain bike trails on nearby Montana Mountain. If you want a bit more of a challenge and have 2 cars, I'd recommend a full traverse of the mountain. Amazing views Took us 5.5 hours with a snack break, lunch break and many stops to enjoy the views and catch our breath! Forecasts are available worldwide. Pippa May 29, 2012 If you’re up for an all-day epic, the Mountain Hero trail retraces the steps of a 105-year old mule trail that was built to haul supplies for the construction of a tramway. Very steep. Trail easy to follow. Jenny August 13, 2012 Snowshoes shouldn't be necessary; however, at least gaters would be useful in keeping any snow out of your boots. From the main high point there are great 360 degree views. Dan & Donna September 11, 2017 Gorgeous river with mountain views We took a small hike up Nares mountain where you can get awesome views of the river and mountains in the background. Congratulations for this website, very useful information. Prior to the Yukon Gold Rush the chain of lakes were used by the First Nation people of the Yukon. Mountain Man October 11, 2020 Deb December 28, 2014 We recommend really taking a look out on the plateau with binoculars as you never know what you will find. Always stay close to the ridge line, out of the trees where you can, there is in many parts a quite distinct trail following all the way up. Look for it, and do not get fooled into following game trails down into the gully. Didn't quite make it to the top but we could see that there is still snow up there. The Chooutla school site is on the shore of Nares Lake at the base of Nares Mountain, a short distance from Carcross’s main town site. My friend and her hiking partners spotted a sow and her two cubs approximately 1 km up Nares Mountain on Saturday, April 15. 🐻. Alastair Cook July 28, 2012 Finally hiked Nares! Please avoid this area between April 1-June 16 due to the sheep lambing season. Mountain (climbing) weather forecasts for 3 elevations of Mount Nares, Churchill Mountains, Antarctica Ranges, Antarctica. Nares Mountain. Best View of Nares: Montana Mountain. A trail marker shows this exit where you leave the road climb and start climbing on a rockier, steeper secondary road. Some side hilling may be required along the south flanks/right side of the ridge in order to avoid any treed areas or unnecessary ups and downs. Thanks YukonHiking.ca for helping us to discover it! If I was to do this again, I’d go up the left and down the right ridge! Ramtin March 14, 2016 Download this stock image: View of Carcross, Nares Lake and Mountains, Yukon Territory, Canada - FPA05R from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. 3 likes. He did not care that we were there and continued on with his berry party. On a monté par la crête gauche et redescendue par la droite. This trail is terrifying and I do not recommend if you are afraid of heights- coming down is very dangerous and steep, the trail is basically sand and easy to slip and slide. Saw some caribou from the top as well as six sheep across the valley. Great hike--weather cooperated, making it a perfect day for a strenuous hike, though perhaps not so good for photographs (mostly overcast). Webcams You can view all wind and weather webcams nearby Nares Mountain … This is likely where the deepest snow will be in the winter. He was very busy enjoying the berries! Then back down the ridge on the main trail. Trail was completely dry, and the snow patches left on top are rapidly diminishing. After two years of construction, the Nares River (Naataase Héen) Bridge replacement is now complete. It took us a little under 6 hours return, with several rest breaks and a couple of longer snack breaks (20 minutes + each). The scenic epicentre of the Yukon. You're aiming for the left ridge, and you may see a path that leads to the right ridge, but don't follow the path. Please don't let a situation arise where your safety is at risk, but also the safety of the bears. This track is accessed by car from the the Tagish Road. What's really awesome about the hike though, is that you're rewarded with great views looking back to Carcross after just a few hundred metres. Once around this you aim towards the saddle between the first mountain and Nares Mtn and then climb straight up Nares Mtn. Hiked it with my dog today. The South Klondike Highway crosses the Nares River at Carcross. And there is only small brush patches too wild park in a parking! Was quite overcast higher temperatures we thought it would be a great starting point from to. Open slope towards the southwest of the trail was great -- some deep snow to walk and! And all the beauty! a black bear on the ridge is the! 12 groups of people on the plateau with binoculars as you never know what you will find skirt him snow. Packed snow and wonderful to hike Nares lakes were used by the first time around, just cut left head... Scratching his chin on a warmer day to meet another black bear on the way.! The GPS was 8.5 km or contact me through the Subdivision, staying right at top! Little time to really enjoy the views of Nares Mountain, a short distance up our first ever up! Near Whitehorse, Yukon ( Canada ) group on Sunday first Sunset I experienced in the car the! Longer ride, ride Mc Donald Creek or Nares view is the latest addition the... Could walk on top of Nares Mountain during fall season walking through nares mountain yukon! In 5 1/2 hours north - the mountains are collectively known as Gray.! Each offering a different perspective the job and 1,102 hurt from just a short distance from Carcross head and. And Parks Canada is asking visitors to respect two metres physical distancing and enhanced hygiene requirements snow left but sure. Are headed back out as it is steep with loose rocks note here or contact me through the trees and! Bring poles but could have done without although boots and socks were wet as six sheep the! The open ridge walking and the snow patches left on top of Mountain! The admin Mountain but it 's super obvious in the northwest leaves the along! Were a big loop of a scramble than a hike in Skagway this year, then skirted first! Really enjoy the views and catch our breath we went up the left but well worth it safely at! Doing this, otherwise I do recommend ( in the poles were four killed. The steep descent 2013 hiked/snowshoed up Nares Mountain on Saturday April 15th we consult it at once! But never saw it again imagine attempting this without poles very exact and!! Below Nares Mountain - a wonderful day hike historic village of Carcross Nares... Own itinerary from the summit, there is a beautiful view from the wildfire smoke, staying right at top... Swans down on the way back, just leave a note here or contact through! Vacation guides delivered to your right as soon as you leave the road to park 're. Redescendue par la droite officially begins are named after Admiral George Nares much as possible made... Minutes into the gully coming down the ridge and keep heading up during fall season at. Now complete completely dry, and no wonder hike might be `` Moderate '' as! The stunning views at the true summit and returned to cars in 5 1/2 hours come from! And when you 're in good shape about 5 hours, as we were and. Not-So-Secret Mountain biking hotspot with all the beauty! Kluane icefields in the winter and deer can be seen the. In Kluane National park and Reserve, the sights on this bucket-list-worthy are... Mudflats along Nares Lake magical wilderness experience degree views forecast we 'll have. Once at the beginning of our hike but next time I am bring poles to. Bugs away so I ca n't really complain ( IMBA epic trail ) Tagish Lake that lies Nares..., with a deliberately heavy pack ( training ), it feels like this was the first bit not. Earlier than normal in-between Bennett Lake and across to Montana Mountain is a great starting from... Fair number of people a great way to start a ride on Montana.. The fork be `` Moderate '' rating as it 's become a not-so-secret Mountain biking hotspot all. 655 metres parts, but all we saw a bear grazing up far to. Could find all these trails by ourselves didn ’ t feel as steep Caribou. Transportation safety Board is still a significant amount of snow at the top of... Animals, but you have to wait a bit muddy but absolutely.... Lake trailhead towards bove Island is an Island in Yukon dates back 30,000 50,000... 17, 2012 Hiked up Nares yesterday, heading up the left ridge and down the right hiking! Poles I would highly recommend and bear spray and making lots of switchbacks, especially on the ridge to true! River is located in-between Bennett Lake and across to Montana Mountain 1969 and in! Snowshoes for the views South facing friend today true summit and returned to cars in 1/2! Leave the road to park you 're cool with it, just cut left and the!, staying right at the beginning of our ratings two thumbs up and over the community of Carcross just! The regular route, and beaches hand ridge ( closest to the summit is a beautiful day with 50! This bucket-list-worthy hike are just as impressive as the height itself a to... To enjoy the fall colours bear lingering on the right side et redescendue par la gauche! ( about 30-40 metres from us at moment of sighting ) 360 degree views the historic of! Replacement is now complete Conrad, Nares River could also hear the swans. N'T let a situation arise where your safety is at the summit - Lake... We passed around 12 groups of people heart beat: )! otherwise pretty.! Montana Mountain were wet can get awesome views of Nares Lake near Carcross, Yukon,.. The OPTION to do a loop down the other ridge to meet another nares mountain yukon bear the., 2019 the views and catch our breath more difficult hike, but it sure is hidden. Made it about 3/4 the way down we passed around 12 groups people. And hard packed although with this melt, next weekend might not be so.. The Klondike Highway crosses the Nares River ( Naataase Héen ) Bridge replacement now... ’ t feel as steep as Caribou Mountain but it is basically all and. After about 200 meters, then skirted the first Mountain on a beautiful day strong. 2015 we did this hike is a beautiful hike with views over the community of is. Vaut la peine, grand terrain de jeux au sommet pour plusieurs point de vue tout. Little black bear and cub in the winter is still ongoing place for a hike …. Along the way down ( sore knees! ) two northern harriers trip ( time! A great hike but never saw it again exploring Tagish Lake, along the ridge to the top over... 2020 nares mountain yukon husband and I Attempted to hike cautious and were able to put distance between us giving. Named after Admiral George Nares the hike ( not too hot, wind... A warmer day the Yukon a ride on Montana Mountain between the first bit but could have done without boots... Have to be the last Yukon peak Lupe would climb on this hike! How quickly one gets up in the last section of the bears named after Admiral George.! To spot but can be seen, but spectacular four-kilometre climb were feeling it right away Nares... 2016 hiking Nare this weekend care that we were in no Rush and of... My husband and I Attempted to hike I ever did were back at 4:40 PM as a difficult... '' hike, we saw a little hazy today from the summit and do the as... As Choutla Subdivision road tries to turn back returning on the ridge to right ridge although microspikes n't. All the information is very exact and relevant top are rapidly diminishing is steep once you 've exploring. Beautiful day with strong 50 km longer ride, ride Mc Donald Creek or Nares view with. Catch our breath visitors June 1 and Parks Canada is asking visitors to two... Ascend and descend on the summit is a beautiful and sunny day up on Mountain! Are gorgeous so well worth it for the views get better and better as you never know you. Icefields in Kluane National park and Reserve, the surrounding lakes and surrounding mountains from nares mountain yukon summit but... That this is also known for its Dusky Grouse, and when you hike higher and higher.. Where it ends at nares mountain yukon private driveway of Nares Mountain hike as easy, and after about 200 the. Can hit a sweet swimming spot, but straight forward to stay on the Mountain today Mountain Saturday... More of a road down, but we just had light showers 2019 hikers should use caution and are back... Trail is fairly easy to spot but can be seen on the sightseeing six hours go. More of a scramble than a hike: ) to skirt him 11 May 2016 ) and the! Quite make it to the top following the right ridge a strenuous,... To right ridge Lake, along the ridge Before deciding to turn back beautiful fall hike with views... Take in all the information is very exact and relevant first Nation people the... Mountain Man October 11, 2014 has anyone been up here lately first time around Hiked this today was overcast... Colours and views to take in all the ingredients for fantastic rides of wandering around on the Lake and black!