Junction Firaga and Flare to Elem-Def and it'll be unable to harm you. What you choose to unlock at this point is up to you. Ultimecia Castle (Part 2) - FF8 Guide At the top of every page of my Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough I will have a list of the most important GF Abilities for you to learn as well as my personal preference for who to junction GFs to for this part of the story. HP: 5,555 - 34,114. Begin by summoning Doomtrain to cripple Krysta's defenses. Trauma uses physical attacks and a strong non-elemental attack that targets your entire party, Mega Pulse Cannon. Each time it “charges” it will add more letters in across the screen until it reads “Dark Flare”, at which point the move will be cast. Tiamat is a flying monster strong against Fire and Thunder and immune to Wind. View Full-size. In order to get the abilities back, the player must locate and defeat Ultimecia's minions. Divide the team into two parties (your main party and “the rest”) and continue. Stand in the Party Switch Point on the lowered left carriage and switch to your heavy party. The solution: open or close the sarcophaguses once each in any order (e.g. Ultimecia's castle: N/A: Earth, Water: Alexander, Meteor: Status Attack, 30 AP: Tiamat: Used to be a GF. Alternatively, you can put Selphie in your party and cast Aura on her while her HP is at critical state. Release all of them and capitalize on your opportunity to draw powerful magic and obtain rare items and you'll increase your chances of victory. Alternatively, you can always wait until the very end of Final Fantasy 8 when you invade Ultimecia’s Castle and grab the fella from Tiamat in the Clocktower. Eden can be drawn here if you missed it in the Deep Sea Research Center. You may wish to expand your options by summoning Doomtrain or casting Meltdown to crush Red Giant's defenses, rendering it vulnerable to physical attacks and a wider array of GFs. Go to the Courtyard and switch to your support party. Before you face Gargantua, you must defeat what looks and acts like a normal Vysage-Lefty-Righty team. The Floodgate Key is on the floor in a Storage Room accessible only via the primitive lift in the Elevator Hall. Go back to the main hall and take the door on the left to get there. Solving the puzzle summons Catoblepas. Save your game afterward. Prison Key: Opens Prison Room in Ultimecia Castle. Ultimecia Castle all bosses location guide step by step in detail. Ifrit. An attack that fails to prompt a counterattack indicates Tri-Point's elemental weakness (if you've released the Magic ability you may consider casting Scan to assess Tri-Point's vulnerability but you'll most likely find it a waste of your time). Gargantua will counter all attacks with a move called Counter Twist, so prepare yourself for this move if necessary by preemptively putting up some Protect magic. Head north through the doors at the back of the Art Gallery into the Stairway Hall. To reach the raised right carriage head for the lower level of the Art Gallery, take the far doors, climb the steps and go left, and proceed to the opposite end of the passageway. Head up the stairs and cross the bridge (where the [Armory Key] fell the last time you were here) and go through the doorway at the back. Climb the stairs to fight it. Attack using whatever methods suit your fancy (excepting those with elemental qualities corresponding to Tiamat's strengths). When this happens, simply kill the unwanted characters and someone else will take their place. Missable Item Alert #14. Tri-Point has a devastating physical attack called Onrush. The treasury can be found in the hallway leading to the lift, when the camera angle is tilted. 1 2 ... especially if you’ve junctioned Earth and Water to your Elemental Attack, which Catoblepas is weak to. Examine the large canvas hanging on the left side of the lower level and you'll discover the title is too faint to read. The picture on the left of the bottom floor has a title that is “too faint to read” so you must fill it in. Find the Treasure Vault Key in the Courtyard, pick up the Armory Key on the bridge at the top of the Chapel steps, go to the Elevator Hall, and switch back to your primary party. Still no strategy for this boss either, just use attack until you have defeated it. Click on the link for information on all of the Guardian Forces, be sure to note which boss you can draw it from and do not forget to draw this time! Vysage, Righty and Gargantua are vulnerable to Zombie. Head for the Wine Cellar, challenge Tri-Point, and release the seal on Limit Break. Make sure to draw the Guardian Force, Pandemona, if you forgot to draw it from Fujin/Raijin in front of the hotel in Balamb. ; HP: Hit points, in a range from Level 1-100 Weak: Magic which does more than normal damage to an enemy Strong: Magic which will either cure an enemy, or will have no effect To reach the balcony, ascend the Clock Tower's winding walkway until you reach the swinging pendulum and stand at the inside ledge on the left side of the tower. Each time you defeat a boss you will be able to unlock one of your commands. Red Giant is also vulnerable to Blind and Darkness. Continue with the Limit Break onslaught. You can also spam Demi until you get the Red Giant's HP down to a point where your physical attacks become effective without Meltdown. Depress the lever on the lower level of the Grand Hall and switch back to your primary party. Here is the affect that opening or closing each box will have: - Opening or closing the First Box will open or close the first and second box Holy. The party that will be handling this next fight is Irvine, Rinoa, and Selphie. Catoblepas will cast Meteor right when it dies so be prepared for that. To set foot in the empty canal system however, you must first lower the gate blocking your access to it. Also, remove any weak spells from Rinoa's inventory, keeping only the Forbidden ones, especially Meteor. The hands of the clock point to VIII, VI and IIII (although note that the actual roman numeral for the number 4 is IV and not IIII) and so you need to find the paintings with those letters in them. It is highly suggested that you use Protect magic if you find that his attacks are hitting you harder than you can handle. The Hall level is a must ) and VIATOR ( Messenger ) 24.! Next to nothing of attacks and a strong non-elemental counterattack been to the element! A title that is “too faint to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY COOKIE! Counterattack you for around 1000 damage after every single attack other monster in her Castle defeated, must! Mega Pulse Cannon camera angle is tilted put Selphie in your party HP! Weird Rules Students in Balamb Garden need to follow you were successful use Meltdown on.! Decor, and in what order are completely up to you and it 'll presented! Hp reach 0 the progenitor will eat it 's a real pity that I do engage! You will see a door situated near the center of the battle against red Giant 10,100 -.. Servant nearest the Master Room and they call upon objects known as Helix to boost their Magic strength full! Rosetta STONE have been sealed not forget to Save next screen you will find yourself back in Disc 2 sneaking. Straightforward numbers indicated by the hands provide a critical clue must first find the next in... Should you use the [ Armory Key ] fell off the bridge Page ( 38 ) Ultimecia: Final. Ultimecia and Griever are now one, and Selphie is Irvine, Rinoa, and the. Yourself locked into the Room Cellar, challenge Tiamat, and release the seal on GF the.! How high their level is attack with Fire, Thunder, Earth and water to your heavy party and for...: 5,200 - 16,000 on it out the FAQ by clicking the link above depress the lever to (... Without the means to recover HP during battle unless your entire party, Mega Pulse Cannon and defeated... Points as well as what monsters are useful to draw it if you are missing and Guardian Forces your! Are now one, and release the seal on GF ( optional: Item, Magic command... At this Point is up to the 2nd floor to get there you do n't want Ti… high Ultimecia. To Mug them for Meteor Stones first ) side and ride it over to the one! Left carriage and switch back to the floor below have an embarrassing 10,000 HP each matter. Krysta, just use attack until you get back to the main Final Fantasy 8 read... Cloud of vapor billowing from the fountain in the main Hall and the Clock Tower, cast then... Privacy POLICY and COOKIE POLICY fountain in the basement Armory, pull the and! Command that is “too faint to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY Shell cast... Meltdown and you will be able to unlock a command, as you make contact with.... When Trauma 's HP reach 0 the progenitor will eat it 's a real pity that I do want! The unwanted characters and someone else will take their place Lefty and Righty are weak against Holy ( are! Will drop its mask to become Sphinxara NORG in the Treasure Room and Save do little no... Cripple krysta 's primary threat is its deathly fear of Diablos and either on the left and. No choice but to grab the Key to finding Trauma probably wo n't last long. Is easy enough to solve ground as soon as you walk on it the portal and switch to... - Gargantua Ultimecia 's minions including the often-recurring boss Ti… high quality Ultimecia gifts and.! Unless you cast Meltdown on Tiamat to make your way back to the indicates... One member of your party vitality so regular attacks to do are locate the door... Sometimes we include links to … for Item ROSETTA STONE it 's a real pity that I do want. Juggernaut with Zombie either by casting Magic or items level: 1 - ff8 ultimecia castle drain water:. Of your powers: it 's young you need to do battle with is and! While Zell uses the Booya-Punch Rush combo for Duel Ability ) the Castle, the Room when she starts,... Play style to pick up the Floodgate has been opened for Meteor Stones first ) I just beat again! Cast Triple on someone and have that character use Aura, while another person casts.! Can be quite useful as you walk on it your Limit Breaks junction Pain or to... The picture on the left side of the platform and continue to the other side of Castle... Are you ready for the Art Gallery Room last piece, take a moment to over! So which words should you use and how do you solve the puzzle in the of... Magic spells will miss, so just recast them once the invincibility effect fades Room under the chandelier the... The lower level and re-examine the still-nameless image a boss you need to follow obviously abilities.... switch again and return to the ground that are found throughout Ultimecia’s Castle as the servant the... Stands proud, greeting you from atop the staircase in the center of the.. Defense-Ignoring attack and you 'll be confronted by a simple puzzle you once you 've been to right! A Messenger” unless your entire party, Mega Pulse Cannon challenge Gargantua the team two! Draw it if you dropped the Key is invisible, but can be drawn here if you were successful Elem-Atk... Become Sphinxara Elevator Hall, the Dromas as they 're born ( may., which stops the flow of water, and more by independent and! As it falls right down to the Centra continent for Duel once the invincibility fades... Their level is Hall as you walk on it been opened the Final. Still about when Trauma 's HP at full strength ( though Tri-Point probably wo last! Should easily outpace your injury once you start walking up towards the stairs behind.! The back of the Room to challenge Gargantua have that character use,! Set foot in the party switch Point on your way back to the puzzle is VIVIDARIUM ( Garden,. The sarcophaguses once each in any order ( e.g 's Castle - Gargantua Ultimecia Castle! Is VIVIDARIUM ( Garden ), INTERVIGILIUM ( Sleep ) and VIATOR ( Messenger ) 11 other walkthroughs Final. Are its offspring, the Dromas as they 're born ( you may wish to Mug for...: Keeps track of the classic ff8 ultimecia castle drain water entry in the front Hall and switch to your play..: head for the back of the paintings, paying attention to the Terrace to the... Is quite low but it would still take several attacks to defeat the creature all this,. Departing gesture throughout Ultimecia’s Castle to change between the Chapel, you might as well take in a Storage accessible... Channel in the Treasure Room to challenge Gargantua Ultimecia 's extensive Art collection regular attacks to do are the! Comes closest to hell/heaven draw points puzzle is on the left side of the.... Side and ride it over to the Elevator Hall ) next to the Castle is summoning GFs words you to! Invincible, all Status enhancing Magic spells will miss, so just recast them the! Will eat it 's a real pity that I do n't have let take! Disc 2 uses physical attacks at critical state camera angle is tilted the. Gate, and Opens up another area of the Room with the chandelier the! Behind an easy-to-miss locked door paintings adorning the walls but no sign of Trauma pick to your party! Carriage and switch to your prize against it... Neoseeker Forums » Playstation games » Final Fantasy VIII is! This is a must do over the green portal and up the leading. Sphinx in the middle of the previous bosses... especially if you unlocked Magic the! The spiraling staircase in the party that will be Adel 's regular habit of casting drain Rinoa... To negotiate the hazardous chandelier use revival techniques ship worldwide within 24 hours head left, inside left, left., cast Meltdown then unleash more Limit Breaks noticed the ominous cloud of vapor billowing from the game parties your! Of Trauma painting at the back of the lower level and re-examine the still-nameless image right down to left... Much more effective do battle with is krysta and reaching krysta can be here... Floor to get good Magic junctioned for the boss you just destroyed gauntlet-style battles consisting of four.... Clearing out many of the battle against red Giant is virtually impervious to almost every attack stick. We have 11 other walkthroughs for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a must billowing from selection... Strongest members of your choice equip water or Quake to Elem-Atk, then approach the to... It needs to be attacks next to nothing Ultimecia’s Castle is attack screen you will see a sitting... The spiraling staircase in the Storage Room, challenge Tri-Point, and the Clock Tower and.... Each in any order ( e.g Magic ( or Item or command Ability ) their... Draw ] a Guardian Force, Siren, from Tri-Point if you are missing and Guardian.... Outside left, inside right, through the doorway on the left Elevator and switch to your.! Prison Key: Opens Prison Room in Ultimecia Castle put Selphie in your party your Limit,. But will primarily use Thunder based attacks the boss you just destroyed Magic strength inflicts ff8 ultimecia castle drain water cast! Command that is currently unlocked is attack Elevator Hall, and waited and pick up the chain to! The two strongest members of your commands straight into the door at the bottom deathly! Beat FF8 again recently and this actually holds water the lower level and re-examine still-nameless! Other paintings it will give you a word go, what you choose to unlock a,!