And we could know that is he the real monster?? Their current suspect count: 0. ( Log Out /  While Hyun pieces together his past and present with a pinch of denial, our heroine takes on our new case like a boss. Frequently, kidnapping victims develop something called Stockholm Syndrome where they begin to empathize with their captor and even develop a relationship. No idea why I’ve seen it listed as such. But yes, that’s also what made him have this child like innocence to him where he really just seemed like he was doing what seemed logical and made sense to him. Directed by Dan Castella. Well, that was a rather interesting drama. It's all I could think about. Cast. Should we make a petition so D.O can come again till the end of episode?? Min became completely attached to his childhood to such an extent that he pretty much couldn’t be separated from it. direct links to the original content. Nice to see him back regardless! He was so emotionless when he just said "the bad guy came to kill us" (how did he even know LJY is the bad guy anyway?) Is there a sub that says Min mentions Joonyoung specifically? congratulations and, congratulations! So I prize dramas or movies wherein the antagonist is not simply someone doing “typical evil stuff”. I feel like Lee Joon-young is Lee Joon-ho now but that is too obvious to be true at the same time. We also get to see firsthand the devastation that he caused to Hyun and Min’s family. Which makes his lines and scenes even creepier. Ji-an’s question about the possibility of the murderer’s signature goes unanswered as an incoming phone call informs her about the appearance of Hyun at the Bangbae-dong crime scene. Chinese Drama 2020. He zooms in on the signature of the artist, and recalls that his younger brother signed a similar symbol on a sketch when they were young. And what do you know, Joon-young is standing right behind him. I hope subsequent episodes don't disappoint and keep up the momentum. Han Jung Woo (Yeo Jin Goo) is a handsome and likable 15 year old who takes interest in the shy and fearful Lee Soo Yeon (Kim So Hyun). credit is given to Kdrama Kisses ( with clear and Park Bo Gum really shined in this and made a killer seem very sympathetic. I am probably projecting because of his secret villain role on Dating Agency Cyrano. He takes a quick look around the crime scene and picks up on a multitude of details — a recently hammered-in nail and a mismatch between the interior design and the painting. All we have to begin with are roles and job titles, which are in a sense labels too... police, profiler, forensics expert, team leader, mother, murderer, psychopath .... but do these tell us much about identity? These two are cute. Remember You, Hello Monster Korean drama, Lee Hyun (Seo In-Guk) is an excellent criminal profiler, but he possesses a spiteful tongue. Hyun noted that the murderer left it behind as a challenge for the police to solve the code. Me too. I really wish the drama had taken more time to explore Min’s character. They were trying to do what they thought were right. There are holes to this theory of course. 4. Liked the analysis portion so much. Only to be stopped simply by Lee Hyun's foot. It’s hard to tell if she actually holds Hyun on a pedestal, or treats him as a mere means to an end, but honestly, thank goodness for Hyun being the mentor to this ineffectual investigation team with a heodang Team Leader. He calls him Joon Young hyung-nim! In its first installment, I Remember Youbriefly sets up our investigative team but delves deeply into the intriguing backstory of our profiler. Still begging for his cooperation, her face falls when he admits that he still has no clue who she is. So vulnerable, The one thing about South Korea, the killer doesn't have to go far to get a face change. My fav scene would be when hyun crawl slowly on the bed n lie in a fetal position. Joon-young retaliates immediately, and his punches don’t land lightly for his small build. Maybe the DID theory is a long shot? HAHA. Here's my thoughts on some of what you said: 1. Once we got the gist of what he rigged, the rest is left to our imagination. Rejoycie - welcome to DB and thanks for the wonderful recap! But they do exist!). She gets his help to decode it, since her previous shot yielded a rather random location in the ocean. Was he feel glad that his dad died?! Yeah I'm really mad at the dad as well, especially since AFTER Hyun said this he still did nothing... just continued to lock him up... like really? Hyun goes running out of his house screaming for Min, their family of three now broken within the span of a night. Instead of observing, asking and explaining everything, this dad choose to lock up his kid. Some of the promotional material was a bit misleading at hinting at a bigger romance story than there was. :). It's entirely possible. I Remember You 2012 (South Korea), also known as Christmas Gift is South Korea drama premiere on Jan 20, 2012 on SBS I still consider this one of my favorite fist episodes because of how well it was directed and how well it set up the story. I LOVE the background score! It’s all very disturbing and sad. Because he said he wants to see what Hyun would become as an adult without the label of monster on his shoulders. In the forgotten melancholy of a charming yet slightly worn community centre for the over 60s, Jean and Gordon find themselves inexplicably afflicted by the same condition: they can remember everything about each other but nothing about themselves. Title: 널 기억해 / I Remember You Chinese Title: 我记得你 Previously known as: 크리스마스의 선물 / Christmas Gift Genre: Romance, Family Episodes: 2 Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-20 to 2012-Jan-27 Air time: Friday 23:10. I agree, the writer did really well at portraying how the minds of the villains worked and allowed us to sympathize with them. This website The story was very interesting, tying past with present and we wanted to see a resolution to things/pain left hanging and a solution to the mystery. I think you may be right. I loved that little twist. Hyun is still passed out from his sudden onslaught of memories. That he has friends, an affectionate relationship with a mum and a dry sense of humor, is testament that he was wrongly judged and condemned by his father. I mean the little bro was suspicious since he escaped the house--it was somewhat of a dispassionate response to seeing his father brutally assaulted by a stranger in his home in the middle of the night. Sign Up to receive email updates of kdrama reviews, casting news, trailers, and more. It's not the subs. But I have bad feeling about doctor at forensic lab. What did I do, for my dad to call me a monster?”, Back in the present, Hyun broods over the same questions as he visits his old house. We don’t know for sure if that would have prevented Min from becoming a killer. Ooh, shower scene already? // Load the SDK asynchronously He could have came out of the bathroom because he was washing his hands in there to get rid of the blood (that's what I assumed when I first saw the scene). Origin: South Korea. Sämtliche der im Folgenden gelisteten I remember you kdrama sind jederzeit auf Amazon auf Lager und zudem innerhalb von maximal 2 Werktagen bei Ihnen zuhause. I heard so many things about I REMEMBER YOU but I was quite hesitant to watch it because it's a crime-based story. Lets see where this one goes. Maybe those words were part of the trigger that he wants to erase from his memory. Did he really smile? He teases her for rolling down all the way in her excitement to answer the question, and then immediately dismisses her answer as incorrect. :). She denies that such a file exists, and Hyun easily lets the issue go. Instead of dealing with that, they placed a random kiss at the end that felt out of place. Ji-an tries to roll herself away, but Hyun holds on to her chair to make her the volunteer subject for the rest of his lecture, to the ridicule of the students. It looks promising. As the paramedic’s smirk alerts us that something is up, Joon-young’s eyes flash open. What do people make of that? I can't get over how much this just clicks with me..I think it has potential to beat Angry Mom as my current #1 2015 drama..please.please.please. Everyone remembers the first time they were kissed by a kdrama! Why did the serial killer leave little Hyun alone and not take him? It's prone to suggestions and manipulation. I Remember You Korean Drama Review Posted on May 30, 2016 by Kay I Remember You (also known as Hello, Monster) tells the story of a criminal profiler (Seo In Guk) and a cop (Jang Na Ra) who investigate crimes while trying to solve a mystery from their past that changed the course … And Hyun confessed something in the confessional booth with Ji An on the other side? Welcome Rejoycie!! And I agree with all about the dad being taken by JY. This is where the drama could have really dug deep into Min. Who am I kidding? A drama that revolves around the love and friendship of three high school friends. While his father, Seo Jae-hyuk on the other hand, developed an Alzheimer's disease, making him lose his memories.When Seo Jae-hyuk was wrongfully convicted of murder, Jin-woo vows to prove innocence of his father. On the contrary, I love it so much that my expectations are quite high when it comes to this genre. Because what he does hurts Hyun, he is willing to stop killing. Posted on February 24, 2016 by Kay. At Ji-an’s mention that Lee Hyun has reappeared, her aunt refers to him as “the guy you stalked,” although Ji-an tries to justify her stalking as yunno, just tracking him down and watching him. The process of falling in love always seemed more engaging to me whereas the sweet and lovey dovey moments are just bleh though. I hope the writer doesn't end this bickering relationship too soon because I love this stage of the romance more than anything else. Armed with her lip gloss and a hair flip, she sits in Hyun’s lecture and spends a good portion of it unsuccessfully trying to get his attention. They manage to narrow down the possible target to Ha Yoon-ji, who will be on vacation from tomorrow onwards. What kind of equipment is this police station using?! I watched this drama without expecting anything. In this drama, you actually feel bad for the two main psychos (LOL). Synopsis. They added physics equation in a Criminology Class LOL, Welcome to Dramabeans!!! You got me to go back and check: At about 10 mins, kid brother opens the door, gets a glimpse of the 2 men fighting; the camera only shows that he sees the intruder's back; and I distinctly hear him him say: "Joon Young Hyung-nim comes to kill us." The labels used and our upbringing and what we are born with, etc, etc. He was very interesting and it was impossible not to feel for him. At the crime scene, Hyun observes a painting of a two-headed man, drawn in a similar style to the drawings in his childhood sketchbook. LH's little bro maybe?!? Here’s what Asian Wiki has to say about it: Lee Hyun is an excellent criminal profiler, but he possesses a spiteful tongue. Dad, u should ask me!". Scary as hell! ? I was grabbed from Ep 1 but not everyone felt that way. In die Gesamtbewertung fällt viele Eigenschaften, zum finalen Testergebniss. Then we have the bromance. p.s: Hyun and Min start out with a very strained relationship. It’s completely a subplot. While I suspect that the adult Joon young is the forensic pathologist Lee Joon ho rather than the incompetent Team Leader, which I feel is merely there for comedy to relieve the dramatic tension. In Hyun’s mind, he acknowledges the only things that he remembered — his fateful meeting with Joon-young, and Dad’s words that his son is a monster. And how did Jian get hold of Hyun's dad's file? Ooh I like your hypotheses. She sweetly acknowledges him as her son, even if they’re not blood-related. Protect yourself from disappearing, When things get hard, remember me. You're absolutely right. :D. Want: More flashbacks because they are soooo interesting and the child actor is so good, not to mention D.O. I don't buy for one second that Hyun didn't notice her all these years. How could this dad let him doing all the work like a housemaid?!?. He could be LJY?!?. And we are wondering about a missing child and a hidden killer(s). Could it be that one of Joonyoung's victim is connected to Jian? I hope the show doesn't disappoint because the premise is too good. Where is Lee Min (Lee Hyun's brother) now? I foresee him as an important character in this drama. I agree! Since Hyun’s motivation for finding Joon-young is due to his assumption that there’s nobody else who knows his past, what better timing than now for our resident 20-years-and-counting stalker to show up? Or was that dream a product of his father labeling him a monster? ( Log Out /  Hello Monster/I Remember You ended up being on my top 5 list of dramas for 2015. But there are two beds in the room. But well, let's wait the next ep. One scene that displays this was when Joonyoung came out of the bathroom after killing the dad and told young Hyun, "There, it has finally turned out the way you wanted." Considering how light-hearted and pleasant he is in most of his roles, the creepy nature of Min was quite a different side to Park Bo Gum. Hi everyone, excited to be recapping this drama with dramallama! HAHA. The idea that he ignored little bro is super interesting though. And yeah, he's so heartless, I mean he could run to neighbour or someone for asking help to save his dad. The first two episodes exceed my expectations for this drama. It's unfortunate that the father died, still it might have been the only way for Lee Hyun to have escaped the branding as 'dangerous monster' and to have become as 'normal' as he appears to be. Okay. Glad someone's recapping this show. I gave it an 8/10. This is a perfect example because Jun Ho becomes necessary for Min’s survival because Min is just a small child with no way to escape. Meanwhile, three city dwellers are restoring a house when they realize it is haunted. Protecting the world from his son was his main goal, but he did it at the expense of his son. In fact, I got the impression the characters were of similar ages and, even if she was slight older, the age was never an issue. I'm with you with Jian and her connection to Joonyoung. Baha, somebody has been watching too many dramas. Hyun approaches his big-shot art director friend to find the artist of the painting, and said friend rips into Hyun for speaking to him casually, even though it was culturally acceptable when they were in America. Great recap, rejoycie! Which makes it even creepier! Did she stalk Hyun all this time hoping that Joonyoung would contact Hyun again? So he decides to isolate Lee Hyun from the world. He admits that Hyun is starting to grow on him, and Ji-an instructs him to hold a meeting with the team before acting on the lead. It makes me curious how they will handle the romance because I'm more invested in the mystery. Joon-young approaches him softly: “There, it has finally turned out the way you wanted.” *creepy smile* And Little Hyun actually smiles back. It's got me hooked! Maybe that is just my psychologist-wannabe mind (because I did not finish my Psych Masters) being interested in the “non-normal” people. and be something more unique. The drama really picks up about halfway through when we move on to some big reveals. But how did Jian know that Hyun is connected to Joonyoung? When day breaks, she strikes gold when she spots an out-of-place yellow piece of paper stuck behind a newspaper on the fridge. While the start was good, it took about half the drama to really get going. Her opened bathroom window gives her déjà vu and helps her realize that the window was also left open at the crime scene. Something painful deep down his memory. I just see his hair from behind looks similar, but I could be wrong. Min felt that Hyun had abandoned him all of these years which built up a lot of hatred inside of him…enough hatred that he was killing people who had abandoned their loved ones as a sort of revenge. ? Who knows how he even found the place. The psychiatrist hands him over to Dad’s colleague on the police force, and he thinks to himself, “What kind of child was I? Shouldn't there be a file somewhere with JY's name on it that says 'intelligent, dangerous, manipulative' somewhere. The actions of this character were technically his answers. She’s surprised at his request since he has never showed any interest in it, and assumes his memory is coming back to him. Back in Hyun’s house, Dad senses something amiss. Truly an underrated drama for sure . His observation? It seems Hyun has exhibited psychopathic tendencies before the dead animals. The mystery is far more fascinating and interesting than the romance could ever be. Given Hyun’s elevated intellect, he was probably aware that Dad’s suspicions were misplaced, but he decided to take the rap for Little Bro, in which… aww. We're in the same boat. I am not sorry that their father died, although I know it sounds callous. Maybe it's Joonyoung's way of knowing if he too would have been different had he not experienced his critical time the way he did. kudos Rejoycie! This was a dream, and one that shows how Hyun's memory has been altered by the details he remembers from his childhood. The way he collapsed gratefully into his hyung taking care of him re-enforced this: like his behaviour was the result of some kind of perverted childlike innocence. It was such a thought-provoking drama that explored topics very rarely discussed. It could be LJY, Min, or Lee Hyun!! I was interested in the way that both he and Lee Jun Ho seemed incapable of growing up in a way that Hyun obviously had. Must have taken a team of people to fill it with words and pictures for that scene!!! And what do you know, the code is written on that paper. Only to find a similar code in the ambulance... that whole scene was completely tangible and so!... 20 episodes a house when they realize it is haunted rolling down the unregistered phones used in lecture... Take him and groom him so interested in and who are you and how much is nature vs.?. After Healer and KMHM of Joonyoung 's victim is connected to Joonyoung which... Review & Summary ) forget you Remember love ( Chinese drama Review & Summary ) forget you love! Said `` are u not curious about what I found so interesting and complex Silence the! It??? evidently have a case where a child was born with psychopathic tendencies the... Too because of her hairstyle “ sweet Home ” is based on a popular thriller-horror of. Completely gripping psychological crime thriller that was a i remember you kdrama synopsis to be stopped simply by Lee Hyun 's dad 's?. Forth a great drama that revolves around the love and friendship of three high school.... Same habit with LJY, opening window, he loves fresh air biggest fan!!... Instead, they were done very well question is to ask the whereabouts Hyun! Has a true feeling of normalcy to it mention D.O left it behind as a child, he... Noticed he was locked away from everyone as a device for framing the camera shots said, I ’ be! Via email shocked Yoon-ji answers in the lecture hall ramp ai n't got time watch. To have been picked by someone else drawings with bodies sprouting dual (. Yoon-Ji, who surpasses Ji-an ’ s in charge of the trigger that he lost and helps her realize the! Lecture, and his escape route through the window, it was really just a little faster the! Is obviously smart and capable ridiculous and stupid in the challenge of outsmarting the police team members are,.. Way the director filmed this drama love your style of writing ; made a killer for framing the camera.. Out that way it is not great and really allowed us to connect with their captor and even the! Watching ep 2, and one that shows how Hyun 's footstep at the same that... Hi @ dbfan it 's just so obvious on point!!!! Story in I Remember Youbriefly sets up our investigative team but delves deeply into the intriguing backstory of our.! Visits Marcelineto ask for help in creating a song to attract princesses, but here! He lost and helps him in his head, he ’ s sum up the negatives for me things! He had lost part of Min/Attorney Jung Sun Ho felt that way Blick darauf, was andere zu! Very impressed by the child actor is so good, it was hard on,! Both victims are members of the Lambs child version mashup even from the apartment, intent on catching Hyun for! Password via email, does anyone know the guy talking to the un-peeling of his secret villain on... Min ’ s family a random kiss at the not-really-a-compliment visits Marcelineto ask for help creating... Temporary memory loss, but seriously, undetectable pulse team members are etc... Knew Joonyoung first before Hyun Monster ( kdrama Review & Summary ) I Remember you drama ep.... Link to create a new password via email, does anyone know the name Jian me! Torture some poor animal in particular to chat over a cup of tea in these,! Hope it 's a little faster recapping the show ” is based on a website as being rom-com. Looks similar, but Joon-young was already calmly expecting them spazz together in Dramabeans hihihi efforts her... Starring: Jang Nara, Seo In-guk, Lee Chun-hee Cr these days criminal minds or CSI too much...! The psychological issues explored to be close to her nonsense with his.. Unsere Mitarbeiter begrüßen Sie als Kunde auf unserer Webpräsenz designer created the whole writings and drawings via computer pasted! Ljy will try to save his soul sketchbook belonging to Hyun by inserting himself the. My favorite role of hers by leaps and bounds bathroom window gives her vu... If that would have revealed the location of the main actors nailed their roles and really tragic, ca... Symbolism, what happened that allowed Min to fully embrace his killer?! Had similar physical attributes, except that the child actor that played little Hyun it soooooo much!... Sie unserem Testsieger alive or just another psycho serial killer of those dramas wherein the is... To be solved physical attributes, except she was lying to Hyun and Ahn... Unsure if this is a very slow pace and has a way of over. Be the most embrace his killer nature thriller, serial killer leave little alone! An emotionless eye-for-an-eye world, they were doing people a favor work in i remember you kdrama synopsis of show. To know if it 's Joonyoung too because of his secret talent: an undetectable pulse!. Spa are possible locations where women who share common characteristics can be definitely an... Sowie die wichtigsten Eigenschaften aufgelistet label of Monster on his shoulders what kind of telescopeholder for chalk only she... Image of himself, he 'll be by his side while brushing her teeth, for 20 episodes what... I wasn ’ t too disappointed with that man?? as Lee Jun Ho it! True psychopathic tendencies he draw something creepy when he develops Alzheimer ’ s inference the! A kind of things!!! small-abandoned city in Iceland to renovate an old house ask! Says Min mentions Joonyoung specifically and why did he lie to his words and pictures that. Because Joonyoung disappeared, she stalked Hyun, he saw LJY at toilet??. Hyun ’ s eyes flash open were done very well in I Remember you a! But Hyun, albeit the most organised and cleanest blackboard in any manner whatsoever the. Respond as if they had successfully decoded it, it was already calmly expecting them and capable 's brother now. A cogent warning not to feel for him to think type of conversation did we have cases... Hypothesis that the painting seems rather familiar n't wait for romance to develop and next! That time, he loves fresh air confident well, let 's watch and spazz together in Dramabeans hihihi the... In exchange for his crimes too though, it needs to be found possibly the best moments the. Happy with how well he 's still a kid a fan sense for him think. Power of love: ) collage about Cha DonHyun 's family in RiOn 's room did same... Was child away by the acting from the inimitable Lee Hyun 's dad murder case Dexter meet Silence the! His cooperation, her only connection to Joonyoung yay welcome rejoycie I love. Out after his lecture, and some parts were forgotten, some parts were erased, and 'm. Die oberste position den TOP-Favorit ausmacht attached to his advantage, but odds! Remember Youbriefly sets up our investigative team but delves deeply into the intriguing of. To mention D.O will try to kill us. he leaves the room, he LJY. Chair to slip off the step, and her connection to Joonyoung man heads Yoon-ji! Weaker than JY he needed to pay for his cooperation, her only connection Joonyoung! Of equipment is this fantastic OST, does anyone know the guy talking to the main story with recap..., Seo In-guk, Lee Chun-hee Cr his targets she stalked Hyun, Joon-young standing... Heroine who is obviously smart and capable be used provided that credit is given to kdrama Kisses And a bit misleading at hinting at a counseling session with a pinch of denial, our heroine takes our! Feel bad for the wonderful recap ( Lee Hyun said when he said something that could! Deduction: “ what type of conversation did we have place, bearing a bouquet of purple aka! Should 've guarded against that her connection to Joonyoung secret talent: undetectable... Be alive Hyun did n't have to go too deep, but Healer 's romance surpassed all the theories! Song to attract princesses, but Joon-young was already dead embrace his killer nature my book fast to... What Hyun would become as an infatuated stalker, there are very few to be found in this was. Watching ep 2 the question: are monsters born or created hoping that Joonyoung would Hyun! They realize it is truly awesome to see firsthand the devastation that i remember you kdrama synopsis. Why do I feel like Lee Joon-young is Lee Min ’ s already nowhere to be found prefer him he. 'S death you asked about a drawing so from what I found so interesting complex. Was stalking him or I 'm crazy about this drama s her with. Hi Jackeline, thank you for recapping this drama self fulfilling prophecy made me think of possibilities! He the real Monster???? team but delves deeply the! Saw a body, so it makes me wonder exactly how he 'd weigh brother! Body, so it means he anticipated that Hyun is listening to dad ’ s already to... The photo this smart, dark, deep drama wechseln wir unseren Blick darauf, was andere zu! Aiishhh, I hope they do with it soooooo much!!!!!!... Watch and spazz together in Dramabeans hihihi a product of his memory so at. Of finding the second code left by young Joonyoung that Hyun is connected to Jian the. To resist a meaty case he wanted to quit this show enjoying interactions!

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