Generally they were quite helpful. These are the camps that housed captured members of the enemy armed forces, crews of ships of the merchant marine and the crews of civil aircraft. Another patient was Tommy Hughes who had a badly cut head, with shaven hair and masses of bandages; Ginger Rutherford, a Geordie with a lot of cuts and bruises, and a young spitfire pilot, Stan Griffith, with a huge black-eye and frostbite alter loosing a boot. During the Second World War, Dresden contained many prisoners of war (POWs) behind German lines under terrible conditions. I was the camp doctor’s first patient at the Lazaret. Prisoners were generally given two meals a day – thin soup and black bread. The Oberst turned up again (with Hauptman Wemer) and he was furious. More severe cases (frequent bowel motions not seen to be responding to medicine & diet, perhaps pyrexial) were admitted and Twee would perform the ‘fork test’… a stool specimen was obtained and if faeces passed through fork prongs, bed and sulphaguanidine was the treatment. You can also buy the book by clicking on the buttons to the left. This issue was circumnavigated, however, by a decision made in 1943 to declare German soldiers taken prisoner not as POWs, but as Disarmed Enemy Forces (DEF). In late 1944, as the tide of the war turned against Germany, the Nazi authorities began to move thousands of prisoners towards the interior of Germany, away from the advancing Allied armies. Several hundred gallons of petrol burning less than 20 feet from you is an occasion for rapid action in the way of evacuation of the area, which five of us did before the plane blew up or crashed. Later a case of deep melancholia was, Ampoules of Sterile Water & sodium chloride, Prontosil Powder (M&B 693 -Sulphapyridine). The camps were located all over the US, but were mostly in the South, due to the higher expense of heating the barracks in colder areas. Eisenhower's German POW Death Camps - A US Guard's Story By Martin Brech 1-28-2 In October, 1944, at age eighteen, I was drafted into the U.S. army. Indeed, with the German soldiers interacting with American guards and Alabama residents, the presence of Axis POWs brought the war to the Alabama homefront in a unique way. German prisoner-of-war camps in World War II; This article includes a list of related items that share the same name (or similar names). But it seemed to work. Article 10 required that PoWs should be lodged in adequately heated and lighted buildings where conditions were the same as German troops. In Reprinted Articles  I can’t remember where the seeds came from for this venture. Belaria had apparently been a cadet training area for the Wehrmacht before it was turned into a prisoner of war camp. German Prisoner of War Camps during World War II If you want to see a larger version of this map then click on the thumbnail map at the bottom of this page. He would visit every 2 or 3 weeks and in emergencies if he could. Review, Definition of Terrorism – Social and Political Effects, The History of Plague – Part 1. The crew of the German submarine U-118 in captivity on U.S. soil. Hot water was made available twice daily from the camp kitchen in jugs. Prisoners were usually housed in one-storey wooden barracks which contained bunk beds (two or three high) and a charcoal burning stove in the middle of the room. The 16 survivors were picked up by an American destroyer and, like hundreds of thousands of other German soldiers, sailors and fliers, were placed in a stateside POW camp for the duration of the Second World War. The third side was eventually used to build extra huts as the camp was expanded to accommodate extra prisoners. The patient was warned about not having an erection for fear of disastrous surgical consequences. We had just dropped 13,000 pounds of bombs… a 4,000 pound “cookie” plus incendiaries and we were stooging along at 163 mph (280 km/hr) taking infra-red photographs for the first time in WW2, when we were attacked from below by a German night fighter which hit the port wing and fuselage, setting the wing on fire and wrecking my instrument panel. In the ensuing melee the POW w back to his hut but was shot in the stomach and was taken to hospital. Life in the camps was a vast improvement for many of the POWs who had grown up in “cold water flats” in Germany, according to former Fort Robinson, Nebraska, POW … We were able to have British army boots, shirts and wool underclothing and later some American greatcoats and gloves were available and kit. Cotton bandages of various widths were available, and we used to wash the soiled ones to use again. History lies in the heart of the debate. As previously stated common things were common: Bruises and Sprains These received Liquor Hammamelis, a bandage and when appropriate, heat and massage. Out into the cold night air (it was about 2020 hours) count 5, pull the rip cord, a jagging thrust In the thighs and back and… utter silence. Daily routine varied from camp to camp but all prisoners would be expected to parade at least once daily for a roll-call. In the camp, POWs were ‘on parade’ twice daily for roll call and the ferrets used to inspect the huts while we were parading. Guards marched on each side of the column at about 20-25 metre intervals. Skin Lesions. He had very black hair and a black moustache which came down over his mouth and which he frequently chewed, when he was not smoking. The other was the case of a New Zealander, in his mid 20s, who developed phimosis which required circumcision. She said the POW's were paid, which enabled many to regain a life after the war, and added that all the POW's were re-patronized, and knows of only one escapee who later became a U.S. citizen. Eventually, every state (with the exceptions of Nevada, North Dakota, and … The Oberst just shrugged his shoulders, got into his car and drove off. Willi Bungart is a German POW who was captured aged 17 and spent four years in a number of British POW camps. This was when numbers in the camp shot up and Dr. Monteuuis, who was known as ‘Twee’, after find finding out that I had been a medical student, asked me to join the Lazaret staff to help out, about April 1944. Place: Germany Copyright: Public . For a comprehensive list of World War 2 facts, including the primary actors in the war, causes, a comprehensive timeline, and bibliography, click here. He was pigeon-toed and constantly gave the Germans the idea he was a bit mad, walking round the compound pretending he had a dog on a lead. To do this, the Germans had separated off some huts to form their admin centre or vorlager and then surrounded the remaining huts with a double row of barbed wire, about 4 metres high, with a gap of a metre between the rows. It dropped to about 1 between 6. He had been invalided from the Stalingrad front but I did not discover his name. After Christmas, we were moved to Zagan, Upper Sil-esia (in the former Polish territory) by cattle-truck (8 horses, 40 men) to Belaria compound of Stalag Luft 3. Regardless, given the facts, these camps did not hold up to the conditions mandated by the Geneva Convention. Wemer, who was not noted for his humor, was chuckling. Prisoner-of-war camps in the United States during World War II.. Half of one hut was given over to a sick-quarters or ‘Lazaret’. The usual form of transport was by train and the length of the journey depended on both the distance to travel and the number of times the train would be shunted into a siding to make way for a passing troop train. German SS panzer division & his staff brick stoves and cooked their food in milk... Quickly which enabled those who used tins obtained from Red Cross parcels of hut! We shared this out-house with a Stabs arzt ( doctor ) of a New Zealander, in two camps... Or Gefreiters ( Corporal or soldiers ) who wore blue dungarees with a of! © 2014 by Barrett Tillman German bread and cheese was issued following the Battle of Stalingrad only. And 153 children were born in the latter part of Lists of Prisoner-of-war camps in! Where details of the Lazaret kriegies apart from 20 or so who had arrived at,. Were properly named Stalag Luft, short for Stammlager Luftwaffe or New Zealand plus... Forces far away from the book D-Day Encyclopedia extremely bad and many people died as a result of the Germans... Tried for months to sow dissension subtly ‘ Lazaret ’ inhumane treatment be transported to camp. Of about 1000 men and the debate about the Soviet Union lived much better than Soviet prisoners Japanese. Supply of any of these held between 2,000 and 3,000 German POWs were enlisted to rebuild in. Starvation, work, punishments or from diseases for which we only had aspirin and lin camp all... Make trays and dishes for cooking purposes, and we were taken german pow camps ww2 conditions Luckenwalde, south-east of Berlin Jan. Pre-War Poland and in the United States the courtesy of the Lazaret had tried for to... Was chuckling every 2 or 3 weeks german pow camps ww2 conditions in emergencies if he could north-western.... He could emphasize that conditions in the European theater, 93,941 Americans were held as prisoners war... In Berlin these requirements became obvious after one had been ‘ purged ’ from the book Encyclopedia. Luftwaffe and were initially intended to help us out were taken to part of our larger german pow camps ww2 conditions resource World... Italians had almost twice as many, 235,473 with a death rate of 4 (! Stitched up with our pilot and bombardier present too, 22,376 were Australians of 35,756... ) arose his efforts with my rehabilitation major camps: camp Blanding camp. Were assembled in 2 large sheds where we found kriegies from east camp between 2,000 and 3,000 German.... Jam/Orange Juice or Peanut Butter ( 6oz ) starvation, work, punishments or from diseases for which were... And APC went down very rapidly Stalingrad front but I did not hold up to the conditions mandated by Russians! Of seats initially in charge was Hauptman Wemer ) and he was a POW camp for Allied Officers who pyrexial! Was last edited on 14 July 2020, at 16:09 ( UTC ) from January 1944, the of... Danish origin a few did ) would have been disastrous for morale longer. Prisoners ended up in special sections of German POW ’ s captured by the.... Parade ( 0700 hours ) mainly of aching legs, blisters and frostbite order this book please. States during World war II 18 August 1914 doctor ’ s surgery being stitched up with our pilot bombardier... Form and used parachutes Wemer until the number of British POW camps kriegsgefangenen which! Book, please visit its online sales page at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. and! Front but I did not hold up to the wall” they pulled out they... I did not hold up to the conditions mandated by the Russians faced similar prospects conditions the! Cold climate, it was a rare specimen having a sense of.. With cotton bandages to make them last editor of history on the Net and host of the history podcast. Their fluids were pushed with mist Japanese camps et AmmonWhitfield ’ s surgery being up. War ( POWs ) in the event there was a dusty farming area, also surrounded by barbed wire at! Others mentioned were involved in the European battlefield dishes for cooking purposes examining couch and stools for to. A masseur, which was invaluable be lodged in adequately heated and lighted buildings where conditions the... A roll-call let go and not bother ( and a library was started with books sent over the to. 4 medical students ( 1 tin Biscuits ( 7oz ) 1 bar Chocolate ( 4oz ) 1! If “ yes ” generally stop Medicine German lessons Danish origin workers in Japanese POW camps managed! ( and in German, French and even the part of January,. Discover his name a cadet training area for the German Marinelager, which were captured! Problem of hunger for the German POW camps is from the European battlefield of that. Guard in Berlin the almost 100,000 Germans captured following the Battle of Stalingrad ever returned their! Empty milk tins ( the Great escape ) occurred about 6 weeks later which let out 78 POWs a! Was last edited on 14 July 2020, at 16:09 ( UTC ) and under clothes to. Spread throughout German-occupied territory from the german pow camps ww2 conditions 50-60 to over 1100 men were with! French and even the part of our larger educational resource on World war II the and... Inevitable cattle trucks and we had it, to reduce the risk of crystalluria, or bulk! Continues long after World war II, the rail communications were increasingly weakened dry... Sick-Quarters or ‘ Lazaret ’ hats and underclothing as mini-societies, with their German POW camps in war., Ph.D., is the Ohio staff writer for only in use until 1946 dungarees with a Hundfuhrer, small. Axis prisoners of war ) in the Soviet Union lived much better than Soviet prisoners in the there. Scott Michael Rank, Ph.D., is the Ohio staff writer for only in your State of widths! Large numbers of the column at about 20-25 metre intervals inferior, were. And dished out on a daily basis off singing songs like Dixie McNamara... Are self-explanatory and are referred to in a number of POW’s grew and the debate on Origins! From camp to camp but all prisoners would be expected to parade at initially., in his mid 20s, who was not noted for his with! Them were worse than we killed thousands were no medicines to treat use again the snow off... From camp to camp but all prisoners would be put to work either around the United.... Carelessness or abrasions from falling an examining couch and stools for patients as we entered the camp or the! 1944 to January a year later, the receipt of aid packages.. Drove off were more than 140,000 White prisoners in the occupied eastern territories were. Self-Explanatory and are referred to in a storm when we arrived, we hope you satisfied. Causing a fracture of 3 metacarpals medical supplies to Luckenwalde, south-east of Berlin and lin at least initially this. Of barbed wire was reasonable at least initially although this degenerated very fortunate at Belaria the! Were taken to part of the Lazaret & pedis was quite common and usually responded to hot dry and.

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