2. The ball rod is inserted into the side of the drain and attached with a nut. Kohler clearflo br slotted overflow kohler brushed nickel bathroom sink pop bath er drain not ing or bath er drain not ing or kohler gp99b3254 bathroom sink pop up Adjusting Pop Up Drains KohlerKohler Bathroom Sink Drain In Polished Chrome Gp1035350 Cp TheIdentify The Correct Bathroom Sink Stopper KohlerKohler 78172 Cp Stopper Embly Chrome FaucetdepotKohler… To remove the outer cap on the stopper, first set the stopper in the open position, then turn the cap on the stopper counterclockwise to remove it. Knowing how to remove a bathtub drain is a helpful skill for when you need to deep clean the drain, replace the drain entirely or remove the bathtub. Perhaps the drain is clogged and needs to be cleared, or perhaps the stopper itself needs to be cleaned. With the stopper toggle lever in the open position, insert the shaft of the stopper in the drain opening and press down firmly until it snaps down into place. If there is lime buildup on the brass rocker arm, clean it off with a commercial lime cleaner (such as Lime-Away), or by soaking it in vinegar. It is even operated in the same way as the trip lever model because it features an overflow plate and lever. After all, it's impossible to keep the tub clean if the water won't drain properly. If you can’t pull the stopper out, you will need to go underneath … Usually, the problem is easy to fix, though the procedures vary depending on what type of tub stopper you have. The left photo (Fig. Use the scrub brush and a liquid cleaning solution to scrub the mounting post and stopper body, removing any visible hair or soap scum. It’s easy to remove a tub stopper to check it for mechanical problems or blockage. They’re easily recognizable by a small knurled knob on the top of the stopper. When the plunger is down, it presses down on the stopper lever and forces the stopper up into the open position. A toe-tap bathtub stopper may need to be removed for a number of reasons. If not cleared, the clog could get worse over time, resulting in more of a mess to clean up and a harder clog to clear. Get the facts about bathroom repair with help from a licensed plumber in this free video series. Click Here For Maintenance And Service Parts. Test the flip-lever to make sure the stopper operates correctly. The ball rod is inserted into the side of the drain and attached with a nut. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. A pop-up tub train stopper can be replaced in a couple of minutes, so long as you know what you're doing. If your bath clicker drain is not clicking or sealing properly, refer to the following troubleshooting information. Whatever the reason, a toe-tap bathtub stopper can be easily removed. If the setscrew is present, loosen it with an Allen wrench or small screwdriver. Carefully pull the drain stopper up from the drain opening, and pull the entire rocker arm linkage from the drain opening. Most people might confuse the drain end of this item for a traditional bathroom sink pop up due to their similar design. Secure the set-screw to anchor the stopper to the mounting post. Removing this type of stopper is slightly different than for the other pop-up stoppers since it is attached to an articulated linkage arm that must be extracted as you remove the drain stopper from the opening. The clicker assembly may come off with the drain cap and seal, or it may remain on the body. The tools required depend on the type of stopper design. Sometimes, the spring mechanism in this part of the tub breaks, and the stopper must be replaced. Start with the stopper on the clicker mechanism and make sure it is tightened down all the way. If the stopper … Perhaps the simplest stopper of them all, toe-touch drain stoppers are spring-loaded devices that operate with a simple push of your toes. Usually, you can simply do this by hand, but if the knob is stubborn, you may need to grip the stopper with one pair of pliers while twisting the cap with another pair. If they are worn out, the stopper should be replaced. These stoppers are very easy to remove and clean. Check the drain's instructions … One push down closes the stopper; the next toe-touch allows it to spring up again. Polish the visible chrome surfaces on the stopper body, using either a commercial chrome polish product or a household substance that is known to work on chrome (lemon and baking soda, or vinegar, are good choices). 1068017-10-A ©Kohler Co. How to remove a push-to-close drain plug on a Kohler tub? Push-pull drain stoppers are quite similar to toe-touch styles, but rather than being spring-loaded, they are simply raised and lowered by hand by means of a small knob on the top. Some drains have stoppers that are spring-loaded, operated by a push of the toe or by hand, while others use a trip-lever mounted on the bathtub's overflow plate. Reattach the stopper cap by threading it back onto the cylinder. If the clicker assembly remains in the drain assembly, remove it by turning it counterclockwise. Hold the stopper body firmly by hand, and twist the knob counterclockwise to remove it. If there is no set-screw, then try simply twisting the entire stopper to until a pin on the mounting post aligns with a release channel on the strainer. To reach the stopper, the ball rod needs to be removed first. On some types, you may need to remove this cylinder with a screwdriver. Clean any hair, soap scum, or debris off the pop-up stopper and the rocker arm. Another very common drain stopper, a variation of the push-pull is the twist-and-pull stopper, sometimes called the lift-and-turn. Instead of a knob on the top, this stopper has a flip tab or toggle that opens or … Use a small scrub brush to remove soap scum or hair from inside the drain opening. Polish the visible chrome surfaces on the stopper body and cap, using either a commercial chrome polish product or a household substance that is known to work on chrome (lemon and baking soda, or vinegar, are good choices). Unscrew the mounting post from the drain fitting, using pliers or a screwdriver (depending on the style of stopper). Choose a tub drain wrench of a size that best fits the cross-shaped center of the tub drain. Repair a pop-up tub drain stopper with help from a licensed plumber in this free video clip.Expert: Terry MatsamasContact: www.towersplumbing.comBio: Terry Matsamas has worked for Towers Murray Plumbing since 1991.Filmmaker: Michael BurtonSeries Description: Though many bathroom problems are unavoidable, its important to remember that they are not the end of the world.