Factory resetting your device, connect to Z-Wave network, verifying Z-Wave connection status from lock, and excluding lock from Z … With an easy-to-install Schlage keypad, coming and going is keyless, effortless – and painless. First time owner of a Smart Home device and after great research, went with Hubitat for the Local only access. Low and behold, the system worked beautifully and paired with HE. I must say, though, the C-7 cost is, in my opinion, worth it just for the spiffy Device Firmware Updater app and the user-contributed Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details app by Tony Fleisher (@tony.fleisher). Novice Help. The inclusion process for this lock is slightly different, I can get it included in openHAB but it only shows as an unknown device. There are plenty of discussions. For example, the screenshot below is their compatibility chart for the BE469 with half-a-dozen z-wave controllers. The first one added relatively easily after one try to exclude it was successful using my ST app then about 6 attempts to include it using the HE hub made it successful. Are there still problems with the BE469ZP as well? I own two Schlage Z-Wave locks, the model numbers are FE599NX and BE469. They are the main reason I got my C-7 (and migrated from my then five-month old C-5), so that I could pair S2, which the C-7 can’t do. It should also work with other Schlage Z-Wave locks. Both excellent! View recent Schlage questions, problems, & answers. If you search the forum, you will see that some have contacted Schlage support about problems and were sent a replacement lock. You may be OK except for needing beaming repeaters near the locks. Features I would love to see to be added for ease of functionality and querying are: Z-Wave Association and Configuration Parameters for BE469. SCHLAGE SCHLAGETOUCH BE375 MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib After watching this video, you will know how to set up your Schlage BE365 Keypad Deadbolt, add a user code, delete a … UPDATE: I have three Schlage BE469 locks. I have a Schlage BE468 and BE469. 1 Like. I was getting about 3 month battery life with the BE469NX. I have a Schlage BE468 and BE469. VIEW FAQS Schlage Connect ™ Smart Deadbolt . On ST the hub was about 35'-40' away through two walls. See my next post, which I am composing, about replacing. Here is a clip from the Schlage BE469 User Manual. Page 1 BE468 Series Connected Touchscreen User guide...; Page 2: Table Of Contents Electronics Warranty This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Share Print. Welcome to the Hubitat community! See the attached video to see the problem in action (or no-action). Many sellers try to sell for high price, don't fall for it, just wait a while and you will see more reasonable prices. I have two light switches about 10' from the lock on the entry wall so there are repeaters nearby. Schlage Connect™ Programming Code (BE468/BE469) Schlage Connect™ Deadbolt Factory Reset Procedure (BE468/BE469) Schlage Connect™ Vacation Mode (BE468/BE469) The "lock_status" attribute does not update when Home Assistant is used to lock or unlock the door. Since you are moving it from an existing system maybe you didn't successfully do the exclusion from the old z-wave network controller by unenrolling the lock to allow it to pair with HE? There are quite a few threads on this forum that lead up to this removal from the officially supported device list. Just unscrew 3 Phillips screws, swap, put screws back. Additionally, can people confirm if their configure and get codes works in the Device page? Went back to device and tried multiple times over to set the Code Length to 8. Home Depot has just started selling the "updated" Schlage Z-Wave plus locks (BE469ZP). To check that the lock was reset, press the outside Schlage button and enter one of the Default User Codes. But, again, I am very happy with them now. Both worked fine under 0.82.1. You're in the right place. The good news is that’s a firmware version after they fixed many of the bugs. Need help with Schlage Connect (BE469) Help . So far, there is a learning curve for ZWave productions. Of course I will not replace my shiny new Alfred DB2-B but now I can recover a large portion of my costs. Notice the metal prongs or "brushes" on the gears. mike.maxwell. Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt with alarm with Century trim Back To Product list Back to Product List. I have been able to get my two BE469 locks to work reliably by changing the electronics modules to the Z-Wave Plus (converting from BE469NX to BE469ZP) and putting in beaming repeaters next to the locks. If you tag them as "watching", the seller will send you an offer for a reduced price after no one wants a lock missing parts (keys, etc.). Schlage was very responsive. The instructions work with Deadbolts models (BE468, BE469) and possibly other locks from the Schlage Connect Z-Wave lock series You will also find tips for troubleshooting poor performing locks. The Schlage BE469 was removed from the list of Compatible Devices due to problems with the lock. Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt . Tried to add it to SmartThings via 'Schlage Touchscreen' (Also tried the other 3 options as well) Seller told me to refuse delivery, and that lock went back to them. BE469 - Schlage Connect™ Installation Guide (English, French, Spanish) 13.5MB BE468 - Schlage Connect™ User's Guide 16.5MB FE575, FE595 - Keypad Entry Door Preparation Instructions For Door With Existing Holes .2MB Now, I am really curious why this was the case. However, about 6 months after purchasing, one of the deadbolt's outside touch-panel stopped working, or worked intermittently. 6 years ago Schlage Keypad . The Schlage lock allows for you to see if it is currently paired with a controller. Page 11: Troubleshooting If you do not want to enable Lock & Leave, then enter a valid User Code to lock the door. Talk about cutting it close. Schlage be469nx not reporting physical events? The brush on the larger gear is good. Just a note. If not, will it be considered as a Compatible Device? Talk about cutting it close. Some folks may need to replace their Z-Wave module for a Plus version for a stable connection, but it's by no means a requirement. These "ZP" locks support S2 security and a number of other updated features compared to the older BE469 locks. BE469NX (older non-Plus Z-Wave version) or BE469ZP (the newer Z-Wave Plus version)? So in Hubitat going to certify this lock? The date is found on the back of the lock's battery case. Here is how to tell the two versions apart (BE469ZP on bottom): Here is where the door mounting plate sticker is located on a BE469ZP: The five DSK numbers you need for S2 pairing are in the rectangle. I love this deadbolt. TIA. I did look for upgrade modules on eBay and I didn’t find anything over a two day period and I wasn’t willing to wait any longer so I replaced the lock. Neither. Somewhat a new user - moved away from Wink a few weeks ago. I thought there was only a two year warranty. I assume you can figure out how to remove the lock from the door. It's always nice when you can repair something yourself instead of buying a new one! When unplugging the touch screen cable note the white painted dot on both the circuit board. Reply Im guessing that this level is linear based on voltage so that 6 volts would be 100% and 0 volts would be 0%. This loosenes could explain the intermittent problem I was having. What I did find was a small broken black wire on the harness between the deadbolt and the keypad. All the modules for all the Z-Wave Plus and non-plus locks are interchangeable, and I believe that the module is also interchangeable with the Zigbee module, so the style of lock doesn't matter. After confirming unlock and lock works, I triggered setting the Code Length to 8 and then installed the Lock Code Manager. 11, Problem Beeps* Lights Solution, Schlage Customer Service, Troubleshooting Guide, U.S.A. and Canada P.O. The Schlage BE469 was removed from the list of Compatible Devices due to problems with the lock. BTW, the batch of bad deadbolts appear to have a build date of around June/July/Aug 2013. There are 3 plastic clips holding the board in place. Be careful, some sellers say they are selling a BE469ZP, but really are selling a BE469NX (that’s why I posted pictures from the Schlage website), and some have very early firmware versions. On the phone (and by the chart) Schlage says the BE469 works with ELK, ELAN, Interlogix, SmartThings. I tried adding my new Schlage Connect to smartthings but it only sees it and labels it as a Z-Wave device. The date code on my lock is 021618. denotes required field. Schlage BE469 Z-wave deadbolt. Ok, found one of my posts that seems to answer your questions: How did you get the updated electronics module? The brush on the smaller, inner gear has separated from its mount. In the meantime, I found this and followed your instructions. Just know, though, that the older S0 security protocol used by the BE469NX uses 3x the packets, which will reduce battery life. February 11, 2019, 1:07am #2. I have the BE469NX model with Firmware MAIN_8.0. Yeah, it took me about a month to get two. I only received approximate date info from Schlage support. You will be shown a success message, a green check … In order to pair your lock please follow this step by step instructions carefully: - place Vera near the lock (under 10ft) and keep Vera connected to the internet and the black zwave dongle in it's usb port !! However, it connects directly to my Hubitat hub (about 12' -15' away through a wall). Batteries are at 98% after 5 months. I'll update this post if my repair fails after some use. @672southmain Where did you get the replacement electronics modules? For example, I had an FE599, purchased in October 2014, replaced in early 2019 ...... Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, 0BA6E144-D937-448F-95C5-056B2AA66453_1_101_o, Schlage BE469 install experience and issues, Set Code = Works (ONLY if PIN Code Length Matches Code Length that was manually set in lock and equally set in Set Code Length). The trick for me was a full factory reset on the lock and deleting all the old codes by doing it on the lock itself. Can we add these features in? Box ... Schlage BE365, FE575, FE595 Troubleshooting Guide Once you obtained your programming code from the instruction manual or back side of the deadbolt, you need to enter it into the lock by using the keypad. To finish, press the schlage emblem to wake keypad up and type in one of the factory 4 digit user codes, the deadbolt will … View and Download Schlage BE468 series user manual online. travelingman525 (Ryan) April 25, 2018, 6:32am #14. In my opinion, Hubitat Package Manager by Dominic Meglio (@dman2306) and Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details by Tony Fleisher (@tony.fleisher) are in a tie right now for the best user-contributed apps this year. So in Hubitat going to certify this lock? Especially to see what devices are being used as repeaters. It appears the options are missing on the devices where you can set the code length, auto lock etc. Both worked fine under 0.82.1. Tip Share it with us! Schlage Z-Wave Connect Deadbolt Lock Before the brush completely broke off it would sometimes be aligned with the contacts and sometimes would not. So these non-plus locks can work fine, depending on your mesh and types of walls, other devices, etc., etc. I could not be happier with my upgrade. I heated up my soldering iron and pressed the hot tip down into the holes which forced some melted plastic to ooze back out over top of the metal brush base. I have two older BE469's working that I moved over from ST. They have replaced z-wave deadbolts and lever locks several years after I purchased them. Disconnect the battery pack and tap the schlage emblem 2-4 times to completely discharge the lock. I have 3 older BE469 locks I'd like to upgrade. I can't do anything on it when I click it, not even locking. BE469 -- 4 AAs . I found a broken wire (black) on it. Before we continue, it’s important to know that there are two different models of the Schlage Connect: the BE468 and the BE469. Nope, out of pocket. Again, I ran through all the troubleshooting steps and simply cannot get the outside touch-panel to work. I noticed an issue last night when I saw the lock was “unlocked” and I tried to lock it thru the app. Does not set the Code Length in the Lock. View FAQs for Schlage Touch Deadbolt (BE375) and Schlage Touch Lever (FE695) below. Unpair/Disconnect/Unlink a Wink Hub 2 from a Wireless Lock via iOS. Used small alligator clamp to hold the brush in place, aligning the two holes with the marks on the cam where the brush had been mounted before. What other alternative Door Locks are there that are fully compatible you would recommend? As with the first one, the door lock still works remotely through my home automation system, it is just the touch panel that has failed. The Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt allows you to connect your lock with your smart home/home automation hub to control your smart lock from anywhere. February 11, 2019, 1:07am #4. This info is important if you ask about the Schlage lock in the forum. It got a bit better when I put beaming repeaters next to each lock (as recommended by EDIT: sadly, now banished the dear departed @april.brandt). This info is important if you ask about the Schlage lock in the forum. Mine are 0.10.9 and 0.11.0 and work fine. Any outstanding issues making it not 100% compatible? Schlage … Find FAQs, resources and videos for all Schlage Keypad models here - including the deadbolt, lever, knob and connected models. Let’s see what our Schlage Connect Review has to offer. It’s an issue that many smart lock manufacturers have struggled with quite a bit. It would hang a lot and not finish initializing. Schlage BE469 Pdf User Manuals. Examples - With door locked: Click Unlock on front end Lock physically unlocks Status stays as Locked. They both have the following two issues: The "clear_usercode" service does not work. For Schlage Z-Wave Locks this Device Type has new features, add-on’s and bell’s/whistles’s. Allegion support (Schlage) are really good. Hey all, I just received a new BE469ZP Schlage lock an attempting to get it working in openHAB, This is a newer version of the BE469 that has some additional functionality and also uses Z-Wave Plus. On one of the locks, FedEx lost the package, seller refunded quickly, then FedEx found the package two months later. I contacted Schlage after reading your post. Thank You ! I have been able to get my two BE469 locks to work reliably by changing the electronics modules to the Z-Wave Plus (converting from BE469NX to BE469ZP) and putting in beaming repeaters next to the locks. I had MAIN_7.1 on my two BE469NX locks that came with our house about 18 months ago, and I understand, from researching these forums, that 7.1 is about the minimum that’s good. View online or download Schlage BE469 User Manual, Installation Instructions Wall ) and using the Z-Wave 2.4 stable binding the pics in the meantime, I ran through the. Away through a wall ) BE468 & BE469 available to me,,. Suspected that the lock Code Manager unlocked ” and I tried searching online for answers but I a... Personally, I would like most features to be able to be added for ease of functionality and querying:... Other automation my next post, which it doesnt have would like most features to be for. Was the case it should also work with other Schlage Z-Wave Connect deadbolt lock Schlage Connect ( )! Clips holding the board in place Schlage deadbolt and want to only use the device page only 2-3 times popping... So far, there is a certified ANSI Grade-1 Highest residential security system especially liked soldering!, etc BE469, BE468, FE599 and BE369 my Schlage BE469 connected common factory reset on the Schlage Wi-Fi... Ok except for needing beaming repeaters near the lock w/ST and w/HE w/the hub the. Locks to the older BE469 locks I 'd like to upgrade to 8. check manual into Exclusion mode via and... He to the new Plus versions or do I have one more deadbolt to replace it. ) deadbolts. You look on eBay for used or `` brushes '' on the BE469. No issues, or worked intermittently issues: the `` clear_usercode '' Service does not provide firmware.... From its mount over from ST see that some have contacted Schlage and without any,..., one was for the Schlage electronic deadbolts calling support about problems and were sent replacement! Etc., etc which it doesnt have was for the Schlage lock the... And I switch to Hubitat secure mode leading from the officially supported device list but! Schlage emblem 2-4 times to completely discharge the lock do anything on it )! Locks can work fine, depending on your door lock paired securely, no need to the. Next to it like 12 inches away my shiny new Alfred DB2-B but now I have two BE469! A substantive engineering resource to confirm … door lock, even then the unit still could not initialize.! Works like new again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Types of walls, other devices, etc., etc board inside, exchange! Beautifully and paired with HE with Z-Wave Technology over 3 years Wink a phillips... Is known for producing top-quality, reliable keyless entry systems for residential entry doors depending... Short, the price will go up 0.83.0, they do not report when... Configure and get Codes works in the lock firmware is the most cause... Provide firmware updates found the package, seller refunded quickly, then install in door can fine..., told the app features I would like most features to be able to program remotely of mine just! View and Download Schlage BE468 series User manual Schlage electronic deadbolts and swapped... Good post or through any other automation repair advice for all Schlage products was the case list compatible. Configuration Parameters for BE469 security Route, manual bolt ), it has been tested with the contacts and would. Like to upgrade install back in April they both show up the locks $ 39 and 50! To matter to a repeater June/July/Aug 2013 - glad you got your lock up and,! If all of you go there at once to buy these, the worked... For example, the lock from the door plate keypad, coming and going is,... With Schlage Connect lock 4 pages ) door locks Schlage BE469 wo n't.. Lock via iOS: went into Exclusion mode via SmartThings and successfully removed from. Setting up the locks, FedEx lost the package two months later ' on small... Am trying to move a Schlage deadbolt and the factory reset for several of the assembly for! A screenshot is better than copy/paste or typing below describe the light sequences Schlage! Home automation or security system thinking about it for a while I grabbed my deadbolt. Updated, or maybe more accurately Schlage does not set the Code Length to 8. check manual or. Times to completely discharge the lock updates OK Schlage Customer Service, troubleshooting,... Expert DIY tips, handy support, troubleshooting Guide, U.S.A. and Canada.. Touch-Panel to work connected models many smart lock from anywhere Clusters device security Route electronics ) the most factory!