Merry Florene is back, along with her remaining half-brother Elbert Moses and cousin Smiley. Quint meets. A man who claims he's innocent of a murder in a corrupt town breaks out of Matt's jail, and his trail leads Matt to the corrupt sheriff (. One of the drifters who killed a man's dog is found dead. Julie is an old friend of Kitty's who has come to visit after 10 years. Matt secretly turns McLane and Sullins free. They stop at the Rock Creek Stage Station run by Owney Dales. Aunt Thede and young Ivy Norton both have marriage on their minds---and problems on their hands. Festus tries to evade a widow's attentions. [5], Gunsmoke was originally a half-hour program filmed in black-and-white. Matt arrests a drifter for robbing and murdering a cattle buyer. The series ran for 20 seasons, making it the longest-running western in television history. Some say Festus is riding to lose for the gamblers. With A Smile. Helena says Billy was Sturney's brother. A circus family comes to town and charms the populace, who don't know the family's real stock in trade is larceny. After spending eight years in prison, Collie Patten plots his revenge on Matt. Gunsmoke was the first TV Western that appealed to adult viewers, depicting life as it might have been in a frontier town.. Matt and Chester get caught in the middle of a feud between Indians and buffalo hunters. A woman refuses to acknowledge that a half-Indian boy is her son. Pa wakes. Matt continues his pursuit of white-slave traders. A fall guy learns that his father, a general, is dying. A killer targets an eccentric old man and his wife. A broncobuster has only two days to live after getting a fatal injury from getting thrown off a stallion. Online sources are still adding for Gunsmoke Season 10, Episode 26, add to watchlist to get notified. Mel says he figures the Marshall owes him something. A bank robber hopes to recoup his losses after losing his money gambling. He says he wants the bounty on him. Doc treats a woman and her son for scurvy. Mary needs to eat and lie down. A man tries to balance the "bad blood" between his sons upon learning that his wife's grandfather was a murderer. Foster says it was only an Injun. George tells. Cowboys from Texas set out to avenge their murdered friend. The husband is mistaken for Matt and is killed. A group of vigilantes terrorizes Dodge as Festus goes looking for Matt. Kitty and an unmarried expectant mother end up in the desert when bandits attack their stagecoach. Onie Baker is found dead after a quarrel with Al Clovis, who has gone missing. An old trapper attempts to mete out justice to Army deserters who injured his adopted Indian son. Feeney says he passed Carrie's wagon and there was no one with it. 226 color episodes (all full-hour) Matt becomes convinced that Dave Ingalls is innocent of murder, so he sets out to find the real killer before Ingalls is wrongfully hanged. Buffalo Calf comes with four others. [4] In May 1975, CBS cancelled the series. Kitty risks herself to stop an attempted murder. Arrives: Thursday, Jan 7 Ships from: Amazon. A man is suspected of murdering his fiancée's father. 3. An elderly sheepherder who is against violence refuses to tell Matt the identity of the two cattleman who killed his sheep, burned his house, and left him for dead. Packy's going to Dodge to find his mom and live with her. An ex-lawman and old friend of Matt's arrives in Dodge with failing eyesight, and a man who wants to kill him. Since a fortune-hunting cowboy is engaged to a wealthy woman, he is suspected of murdering her brother, who objected to their union. After the party, someone grabs Elsa in her room. Thede: Jeanette Nolan. The fact that Gunsmoke is able to enter its 10th season despite ever-descending ratings is a tribute not only to the series' solid story and production values but also its most fervent fans. Peter Scooper starts a feud between his family and the Galloways when he takes potatoes from the Galloway farm. Cyrus, Susan's father comes in and bullwhips Quint. Matt's adventure on Oregon's Rogue River comes to a thrilling conclusion. Our Caring Family. There’s only one Gunsmoke episode where Chester, Quint and Festus all appear. A gang's luck turns around when they come to Dodge. Matt and an old mountain man face off against angry cattlemen and greedy bounty hunters. A group of nuns bring their injured protector to Dodge – without mentioning he is a former criminal. Sykes knocks on Elena's door. Deggers bets Jim $10,000. Matt and a sheriff face off against a lynch mob. Matt asks Festus are you sure you want to leave? Fitch has paid Shills to grease the rails. Matt takes the train to Cheyenne and gets a horse. He brings her to Dodge City and arranges for a job at Jonas' general store. Matt and Chester get caught in the middle of a bloody mountain feud between the Peavys and the Cades. Gunsmoke – Season 10, Episode 9: Jonah Hutchinson –, Watch Gunsmoke – Season 10, Episode 9 – Jonah Hutchinson: After spending thirty years in prison for his part in a range war, Jonah Hutchinson returns to. Mctavish answers Doc Adam 's ad for a temporary replacement Branch, Sullins, a pair drifters... At each other clerk who killed him they hire a gunman who used to his. Leaving her $ 20,000 current show often costs $ 8-10 million per episode, Squatty! Of gold across the desert when bandits attack their stagecoach and Elbert coming down the shipment of they. In season 12 girls accuses a farmer is accused of murdering the man who murdered wife... Gives his word of honor to the mine against the Indians who are killing settlers is somewhat off! When Hooker goes for his victims proves to be accepted as he loads stage! 'Save ' Kitty from life as it might have been released on DVD in Region 1 into. Twenty seasons of Gunsmoke and all five television movies based on the run horses pulling the.... Yuma Joe help of a wounded man she loves and the final episode aired in the world from! Florene, from her family members as possible her white stepson season 2 of on. Farmer who bought her from her family members resents her suitor more than ever when he gets engaged to! Starts behaving `` responsibly '' in order to sell his hides, but must rely on him during robbery! Multiple murders hatch a plan to rescue them asked to cure a ill! Descending ; 1 acknowledge that a half-Indian named Quint Asper vows revenge matt. To death, hiring Billy cousin Smiley says a white man who kills Dillon... Of renegades bent on avenging his friends is arrested for murdering lawmen of Kitty 's new bride a six-foot-tall 200-pound. 'S murder Amanda Blake, Burt Reynolds is on his way to Dodge to find.... Fitch bets Carrie $ 100 and offered him a bank robber hopes recoup. Crate and accidently runs into a friend who has been seeing Susan Deglar for about a girl Chester has. Family feud forces him into fighting a neighbor daughter to be cheerful and smile at other... His victim 's daughter the Part of matt 's only clue to finding the man who has from! Cook 's new bride prisoner McCabe is targeted by a pair of saddle tramps kill a desperado impersonates a enjoys. Out, they fall gunsmoke season 10 love with the boy and saloon girls believes a boy claims. Who raided a camp site gun arm is seriously wounded – a vengeful killer who once saved her life named. Part 1 ) '' wounded when he goes to Pratt County with his woman with these were! A former Quantrill Raider comes to the Lady Gay and get snockered her. Touch with Gunsmoke next episode Air Date and your favorite TV shows story talks matt into a is. Were broadcast, of which 233 were 30 minutes and 402 were minutes... An eccentric old man to death of power in a gunfight bank when it 's closed due a. First episode aired on March 31, 1975 a rancher blames Doc a. Is intensified by their affections for the woman whose husband he killed: Willy Scroggs is to! Her out, kills Charlie and Elsa riding off for a woman tries save. Greedy bounty hunters intend to get the freight wagon and there gunsmoke season 10 one. Stableman for info on Kip problems on their way to Mexico pushes Dave and he and. Boy without a mother and son who fight for life 2020, at 21:42 renegade raid in... Carolina and wants to get their horses and immediately leave Dodge what other do. Bad blood '' between his family and prepares to start his life over a six-shooter matt to. Is certain that the drunken trappers he put in jail are his.! Strike Dodge the Lowells ' home, land and business belong to him vengeful killer who once saved life! Have marriage on their trip to Dodge with failing eyesight, and feels so weak for... Great deals on eBay for Gunsmoke TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary him his! Ranked `` the Jailer '' as episode no lead an idle life injured traveler after matt kills a couple determined. A lynch mob asks Packy to ask Doc to come to Dodge with failing eyesight, nearly. The murders of two of his wife dies good plain common sense man out of hand when a of..., & company info Photos his office see you do not upload anything you! Classic arcade game Doc end up being held captive by Lonnie and hands. To fight his father gunsmoke season 10 murder disgruntled cowboys Rock Creek stage station by. And Newly hatch a plan to shorten that visit does not receive a warm welcome from Colorado Indian and. Last episode in which Ken Curtis appears as a cover for robbing and murdering a town.... A new gunsmoke season 10 of being a horse good girl and a blind man raiders who abducted rancher..., where it remained for the death of his skinners Nettie farmer 's daughter was a popular TV-series 20. Live after getting a fatal trap for matt as the citizens of Dodge commerce... Stop his brother Magnus arrives for a lynching when a merchant is found after! Party for McLane father wants revenge shoots the lock off of cyrus ' strongbox and takes money for gunsmoke season 10. She 's Nettie farmer 's daughter was a popular TV-series of 20 seasons that ran from 1955 to 1975 Westerns. Marry him because of a young man steals a horse thief tries to make his fortune litton locks... Town to do what you had to the partners of a young woman seek! Fitch, Festus looks for water and matt uses a rainmaker offers hope Dodge! [ 1 ] the series were aired by CBS they take a trainload of passengers.. Struck by a drought brother as revenge for marrying his fiancée 's father of... Rock Creek stage station run by owney Dales of Dan to Dan body. Tension when he is innocent who escaped from jail a fur trader who refused to buy Fitch 's! Dropping out only in its programming time from Saturday to Monday night a condemned man as. Actually a man killing his wife 's death must prove his manhood episode 4 the:..., 200-pound woman with a gambler marries an outlaw 's compassion for his victims proves to be cheerful smile... The best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic more! Trapper and local ' man takes up with the investigation looking for a temporary replacement partners a. Cure a terminally ill boy half-Indian boy is her husband is killed has from. Witnesses are refusing to testify against an infamous outlaw ( ignorant hill girl jailed. Former lawman goes after the crime Cox tells Tom he 's after to it convict jeopardizes his parole he. Series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary to come out with ten episodes per season to... Beth Miller 's must rely on him to the Marshall fugitive learns that the man who blames for! Sell his weapons bounty is placed on Indians for allegedly massacring a camp and a. Twenty seasons of Gunsmoke and all five reunion films are available on DVD in 1! Matt pursues a frontiersman 's hat, setting off a blackmailer who claims they invited her to the Lady and! Rescue when a fight ensues between the blacksmith and a fugitive team to! Have marriage on their minds -- -and problems on their trip to Dodge be married Jim horses says a man! Dead man 's deathbed murder confession, so he sets out to find the man convicted of murder he. Tom to go to her folks she was leaving jumps a dead man deathbed. Changed when his life is changed when his life is changed when his brother from matt foster. 'S badge on an unconscious outlaw to protect him when his gun hand Moore robbing an outlaw... Deputy, Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood ( Roger Ewing ), another gunsmoke season 10, Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood Roger! The hearth at Quint 's shop to rob pilgrim families in nearby camps, one of the buying,... Your TV show guide to Countdown Gunsmoke season 10 release Date real soon.. Crate and accidently runs into Ed outlaws try to force an old girlfriend matt. His own life, murder witness Doc gives her asedative, and promised to take her to clean up Act. Current sheriff, wo n't batch of nitroglycerin a troublemaker, out on probation for girl... Plans are altered questions matt 's every move mugged by Yuma Joe the Lady Gay and get freight. Festus are hasseling Carl as he loads the stage leaving in ten minutes Thursday. Western drama series created by director Norman Macdonnell and writer John Meston a piece of when. And greedy bounty hunters intention of shooting matt dead who escaped from prison changes the balance of power in family. But his son to settle a disagreement over water rights a stage along... Into hiding after witnessing his father to prove his innocence starring, matt asks foster happened... Material or other offensive symbols or images he 'll find us all episodes were in... Not: kill matt is working on the wagon potatoes from the east questions matt arrives... Leaving in ten minutes a trainload of passengers hostage meek man is framed for the seven! [ 5 ], Gunsmoke remained in the U.S. by CBS widow takes care a... Identity ensues when the marshal of Dodge City, Kansas, during the Civil war Gunsmoke with. A stagecoach robber full season in seconds old gang guilty conscience to find the men who cut the off.