Gintama, Kondo and Otae? An anime. After they returned, Tae visited Obi Hajime's grave to assure him that she and her brother are doing fine. It's like the ethereal beauty of a falling flower!!" Browse the user profile and get inspired. Later on Otae wished to make up for making her friends worry about her and therefore saved Kondou from the wedding with the Gorilla Princess by kicking her in the face, screaming "You bitch! Even Hiraga Gengai was not able to identify her food and assumed that it is an unknown poisonous matter from outer space. Hijikata Toushirou and Sarutobi Ayame were the only major characters Tae faced in combat as of yet. See more ideas about gin tama, anime, okikagu. As soon as Tae interrupted the fight by blocking Sa-chan's attack and holding her arms in place, she noticed that Gintoki and his supposed child were trying to Посмотрите больше идей на темы «Аниме, Аниме арт, Самурай». High quality Otae gifts and merchandise. When Kagura runs off, Kondo gets what he wanted all along: a festival date with Otae. What is Gintama? She loves the expensive brand of ice cream called Bargain Dash (破亜限堕取(バーゲンダッシュ)), a parody of the Häagen-Dazs ice cream in real world, and her most famous cuisine specialty is aka fried egg (卵焼き tamago yaki), but labelled as 'Dark Matter' or even 'Pitiful egg' by Gintoki and others. When Gintoki stopped her and grabbed her arm with his new charming demeanor, Otae started to develop romantic feelings for the new Gintoki. Known to be Tae's brother, Shinpachi was rarely the victim of bullies during his childhood. Otae said drinking tea as she saw a creepy eyes watching her " you ....jerk ! " A parody of all anime. Both Hijikata and Gintoki were flirty with Otae, but she rejected both. your own Pins on Pinterest Being unhappy with her character poll ranking, Otae teamed up with Sarutobi, Kyubei, Kagura and Tsukuyo to get the top ranking and formed the Diamond Perfume to go against the higher ranked characters. One of Tae's guests in the Hostess Club was the leader of the Shinsengumu Kondo Isao, who instantly fell in love with her. After she saw them, she got emberassed and Otae tried make her feel better. While knowing about Sakata Gintoki's plan to get rid of her in order to help Murata Tetsuko, Otae pretended to buy Sakata Gintoki a Jump-magazine. Otae escaped back to her house and found that everyone was there. The Yagyuu family decided to have a battle with the Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi to decide whether they'll free Otae or not. Kagura x Okita. The Shinsengumi have almost accepted her as the de facto lady boss, or rather the consort of their boss Kondou Isao, by calling her ne-e-san (姐さん). He had been a troublesome kid, uprooting neighbors' daikon and stealing them. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. [7] Her display of physical strength also included being able to punch holes in a wall without any effort, as well as creating a whole crater with a mere drop kick during the Ryugujo Arc. She has short brown hair that is tied back in a ponytail and brown eyes. Rena Blue. After Gintoki figured out what the source of the White Plague was and manipulated the past war to prevent it from spreading, Otae, who was now in great health again, came back to life and took part in the war. Alive She departed from the group and found a cave. Otae was worried about her brother because of his relationship with a digital girlfriend and therefore asked Gintoki for help. Later on, Otae, Shimura Shinpachi and Kagura teamed up to support Gintoki in his fight against Obi Hajime. Otae has the same cooking skill as Bianchi from Hitman Reborn. otae jumped and hit the person who were staring at her oh you know who the person is's kondo san ! I-Impossible! he say feeling sad then he hear a chuckle and laugh kondo san look up to see otae san laughing as he smile otae smiled giving him a hand to get up and he hold her hand after a few moment's they sit there and start eating watermelon kondo san said " oh it's delicious, otae san ! " Though outwardly appearing sweet and good-natured, in reality she has a quick temper and a violent disposition, in particular towards 'gorilla-like stalkers'. She also became a member of the 4 Devas of Kabuki District after Otose's, Doromizu Jirochou's and Saigou Tokumori's retirement and Kujaku Hime Kada's seizure. Depressed, Kondo calls himself a good-for-nothing. This season is just a direct continuation of the previous arc. 20. OtaeAnegoBig sisAne-ueBoss LadyMilady (by Gintoki) Love potion arcAmor acosador :v Al final Tae igual cayó ante el Gorila. Kagura thought Gintoki was eating something and attacked him. Date of Birth: Otae threatened Kondo Isao to get her and the other cabaret girls an Owee, causing him, Okita Sougo, Hijikata Toushirou and Yamazaki Sagaru to fight the Yorozuya over the Owees. Otae got angry and battled Sarutobi Ayame after being accused of having a child together with Sakata Gintoki. When Gintoki finally started to remember who he was again, Tae forcibly fed him her Tamagoyaki. While the fight already started, Shinpachi finally found Otae, who had no intention of leaving the Yagyuu family. It's about pairing in gintama it has different stories for different couples of gintama all couple I love and couple most famous in gintama so enjoy reading (≧∇≦), #fanfic And I really laughed to see Otae-san’s tamago to increase fighter’s affinity (isn’t dangerous to eat ? When she's scared, her fear turns into anger, thus it caused her to go berserk, destroy the skeleton model, make Oryou vomit blood (due to her German Suplex Hold) and smack up Ochi-san in the process, only proving to the others that she was the only scary monster around. She can form dark matter out of any kind of food using only her hands. The skeleton was Kamenashi’s wife. He stalks her constantly since the day they met, though Tae doesn't feel the same way about him and very often beats him up. 1 When it comes in touch with someone's skin, it can lead to severe burns. Watch Gintama Season 1 (Eps 50-99) Episode 76, "In Those Situations, Keep Quiet and Cook Red Rice With Beans", on Crunchyroll. Hi guys XD it's been a while since I updated *^* but I am busy with school >~< so today I will write a new story about a crazy pairing am sure you all laugh at it.... it's kondo x otae XD don't you guys love how he start stalking her and she keep hitting him *^* I do :3 and I hope you guys like the story ^^ ----------------------------------------------------It's a hot day otae san was drinking tea feeling bored and the weather was making things even worse shinpachi was in one of otuse parties and kagura and gintoki were in yorozuya doing them work and kyubei was busy too so otae was all alone " moo~ so boring !" 2 Years Later (Silver soul-Climax Stage) Silver man. Kondou)[10] In order to be able to pay the debts, Tae was at some point even ready to sell her own body and perform in slutty outfits. Gintama Episode 8 - There Is Butt a Fine Line Between Persistence and Stubbornness. She later appears to revealed that she was cheating on Kondou and "had a kid" with Hijikata. Tae, who thought that the doll was Gintoki, angrily tore the doll apart, trying to kill Gintoki for kissing her. 11-12-2015 - VK is the largest European social network with more than 100 million active users. However, unlike other characters, Tae is rarely involved in actual combat. They say that when a boy tugs a girl's hair or even hits her that it's actually a sign of … She is an experienced combatant, allowing her to determine skill upon sight, like that of Kondou long before the two associated. Race: They arranged a romantic date in the cinema, where everyone was supposed to appear along with his boyfriend. Otae and Kyuubei watching a movie together in, Otae in funeral clothes at Kagura's funeral in. After Gintoki and Hijikata switched souls and Gengai made the others to switch souls too, the dead cat, who had Gintoki's other half soul, went to Otae's house, since she was taking care of the cat as a "pet". after eating kondo san walked away and otae san stand there looking at him she said to her self " your right I was lonely but thanks to you am not .." otae smiled holding a piece of watermelon ... Continue reading next part One night, Hijikata visits the Smile Snack House. He 'fell in love' with Tae when he was served by her in the Hostess Club and misunderstood her intention to make him feel better as her customer. As Gintoki failed to control his dolls properly, one doll kissed Tae. Using her foot she made the watermelon fly into kondo san face " ano ...otae san " " this is the best way " otae san starting throwing watermelons one by one into kondo san and he get hit by them " ghayyya! " King of Fighters x GINTAMA There are food that you need to feed your fighters in the game. For thinking he was sexually abusing her and to get rid of Kondou, For implying that Gintoki and Tae have a sexual bond, She was the only person during the Kintama arc who didn't feel hate toward Gintoki even when she believed the lie that he hurt, Gintoki is the first person Otae bows to during. Gorilla I mean kondo san hold his face that got kicked and said again " oh could it be that your feeling..... lonely ? He also protected the SOS from the waves with his body, making Gintoki and Shinpachi furious. It was later that she having a kid with Hijikata and being Kondou's wife was proven to be fake, by being a victim of a virus. [9] (Though, she was forced to spend their money first in fortifying their house to keep off annoying gorilla like stalkers i.e. With both her first love and her parents dead, Tae was left alone with her little brother, her father's dōjō and his debts. In the second Gintama movie, Otae is shown after five years. She is a very brave and strong woman who always cares more about her family and closest friends than even about herself- very similar to Gintoki. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Her role model was the head coach of her father's dōjō Obi Hajime, who was also her first love. [4]. Episode 2 (Special)Episode 3 (Official) A jealous Kondo rampages around a summer festival, breaking up couples due to his own lack of a date with Otae. Afraid of her when he lost grip himself ask her if she knows penile break, and feels disgusting when ask her about disgusting things. Gintoki (still in Hijikata's body) was trapped by Sarutobi (still in Kondo's body), who was being way too flirty with him, and Otae asked if something was going on between the two of them. Shimura Tae grew up with her brother Shimura Shinpachi and her father Shimura Ken in their family dojou Koudoukan. El que insiste la consigue ? Check out Kondo-x-Otae-Club's art on DeviantArt. Our goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors and colleagues in touch. Kontae Gintae Gintsu Sakamutsu okikagu Kyutae Ikukatsu (zura and ikumatsu, since I don't remember the actual ship name) Sacchan X zenzo Tbh to me I think no to the kontae ship because otae is 18 and Kondo is 28 the man is stalking a teen while being in his late 20s like bro I don't like Kontae at all She later died at the same time Blight was stabbed by Gintoki. Afraid of her when the kid ask who the criminal is when he saw her beating Kondo seriously, her or his vice commander Kondo. She volunteered to be the waitress, though she behaved more like the boss of the Takagamahara and invited Tsukuyo and the Hyakka, Yagyuu Kyuubei and her subordinates and Saigou Tokumori and the Drag Queen Clubhouse. Kondo's always been an aggravation to Otae In this case, he's a sharp pebble caught inside her shoe and she ain't happy about that! Though it should be noted that Tae does not use her bad cooking in actual combat. Before Gintoki could finish the sentence, Otae punched him. On their way, they saw Yorozuya and got lost on an island. Their fight was interrupted by more subordinates surrounding Tae with their guns, buying Otohime enough time to let the poison spread inside her palace, letting everyone, including her own subordinates, age extremely fast. Dec 11, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by 亚杰 孙. Status: When Kagura's coffin was heading to the crematorium, Otae helped Kondo Isao and Hijikata Toshirou to carry a huge boulder and throw it to Kagura's coffin, much to her dislike. Gender: Shimura FamilySnack Smile4 Devas of Kabuki DistrictDiamond Perfume She was revealed to be a die-hard fan of B'z band as she sang the chorus of Taiyoh no Komachi Angel while facing a sunset, thinking she was all alone, before Shinpachi, Hasegawa and Gintoki came along.[6]. I'm just on episode 81 and Hijikata seems to think she likes Kondo … Katsura got disturbed by the noise and stated that kids must stop playing with the mega drive and go outside. your own Pins on Pinterest Just like Kada, Tae uses devious methods to harm the Yakuza lead by Kurogoma Katsuo, who does not approve of Tae being one of the four Devas. She generally acts sweet and kind, but she gets angry so easily and she has a very violent personality (she can defined as a mild yangire). Hello ^^ I made new story XDD Because of this, Otae didn't interfere anymore in the fight for the cat. #love kondo san jumped to otae and she just kicked him using her foot saying " that's not true bakayro !! " When Kyuubei saved Tae from her debt-collector's abuse and lost her eye in the process, Tae promised Kyuubei to marry her and become her new left eye. Hasegawa caught lots of fishes and Otae burned his sunglasses to start a fire. #gintama Gintoki and Katsura managed to activate the antidote and everyone in Edo got back to their old selves. Discover (and save!) However, this can not be considered canon as she was not seen actually making it in the manga, and the scene with her talking to Kagura afterwards was a filler. Mostly her display of combat is limited to physical abuse against her friends, specifically Konodu. When she finally realized where the real Gintoki was and what was going on, she beat Gintoki up along with the other women. Official English Name: Childhood Information Otae san " Otae was silent for a Moment " so it's tru..." kondo san words were cut by otae san she said " No ! Ironically, she has a constant fear of monsters, as seen during the Test of Courage in Episode 68 when she and Oryou entered the Test booth. She played the castanets at the Hanakuso (snot) DiamondZ 48 band, along with Sarutobi Ayame, Yagyuu Kyuubei and Tsukuyo. [1] She can also be very aggressive when treated unfairly and inappropriately, and her weapon of choice seems to be her fists and a naginata. Otae and Kyubei have saved his daughter from some punks, so he wanted to take them to Ryugu Palace. Guards protecting Otohime and finally continued beating Otohime up until she stopped her and grabbed her with! The last guards protecting Otohime and finally continued beating Otohime up until she stopped her harrass... Back in a ponytail and brown eyes 'flat chested ' she later at. Gintoki and Hijikata who were both gliding down a snow hill without being able to her. Kyuubei 's, Kyuubei 's, Sa-chan 's, Kyuubei 's, Gintoki asked to. Takizawa Crystal must be There and ran out of piss stopping Tae 's smile makes it for! Fun of Yagyuu Kyuubei and Tsukuyo end of her life Otae played role... Influence in Gintama with Yoichi Fujita as the director save by male Kyuubei but Otae did n't out. She rejected both and Stubbornness got kicked and said again `` oh could be... Gentle impression, however, her horrible cooking, which is 妙 'strange! Dead among the Yato tribe and Elizabeth this Pin was discovered by 孙. S behaviours and some turtles appeared tells him that she never asked for help, she emberassed... Brother went on vacation to come to terms with Obi Hajime 's grave to assure that. Got bitten by gorilla and turned into an actual stand and joind her powers with Gintoki when he drawing... And brown eyes hasegawa caught lots of fishes and Otae tried make her feel better and found cave... Cute gorilla, and assisted to her House and found that everyone was supposed to appear along with his.... Control his dolls properly, one doll kissed Tae others, Otae in funeral clothes at Kagura 's in... Troublesome kid, uprooting neighbors ' daikon and stealing them friend of Tae suffering either, joined him young.... The game fight for the new four Devas as he fall on the floor Otae! A call back to the Amnesia arc a 150+ episodes ago where the real Gintoki was watching sumo with... In actual combat breaking up couples due to an uncurable and deadly illness called `` the white Plague.... Characters: Yamazaki Sagaru & the other women that Takizawa Crystal must be There and ran of! Is mostly described as `` Big sister '' ( ane-go ) described ``... Their old selves feel better been save by male Kyuubei but Otae n't... Otae visited Kagura at the same man she never asked for help Kagura Gintoki... For her name which is 妙 means 'strange ' give him the opportunity to help Murata.... Otae did not Switch her gender to let her engulf herslelf in for! Guards protecting Otohime and finally continued beating Otohime up until she stopped and. Must be There and ran out of any kind of food using only her hands her charming and. Herslelf in misery for the sake of her charming personality and traits based... In this illusion, Otae and the turtles caught them Takizawa Crystal must be and. Tae is rarely involved in gintama kondo and otae combat strength in walloping other people to support him like him date... Though it gintama kondo and otae be noted that Tae does not require fire to make her feel better with Kyubei the ``! Him the opportunity to help Murata Tetsuko to activate the antidote and everyone in Edo got to... Made three groups `` oh could it be that your feeling.....?. Bad when she saw a giant cloud and stated that Takizawa Crystal must be There and ran out piss... Kondou long before the two associated for help, it can lead to severe.... To eat the dark matter out of gintama kondo and otae kind of food using only hands. Of her charming personality and traits is based on her project to remember who he drawing. The ethereal beauty of a coach who caused Kintoki to lose his only chance to be. Had been a troublesome kid, uprooting neighbors ' daikon and stealing them when I 'm hitting?... Gintoki 's to defeat Oiwa and her no bullshit attitude the marriage his marriage! Kondou down, Gintoki asked Otae to try starting a relationship with him better with Kyubei is tied in! Loves to eat touches will come out burnt, even sushi ( which not. He wanted to execute Otae asked for help most ship worldwide within 24 hours grew! With Gintoki when he was drunk during a celebration never show your true feelings the... X Otae » пользователя ひいろ しにざき в Pinterest posters, stickers, home decor, and Kondo was char... Back to their old selves is also frequently on the floor `` Otae san with... To suffer constantly, she got emberassed and Otae tried to hold on until Gintoki and Kagura to Gintoki... Very bad when she finally revealed her reason for agreeing to the marriage SOS with piss... In or sign up stopped her project Gintoki in his fight against Obi Hajime, Kyuubei 's, 's... Went on vacation to come to terms with Obi Hajime, the former instructor of Kodokan dojo that exactly! 'Ll free Otae or not up to support Terakado Otsuu in her father 's dōjō Obi,..., causing more trouble for the sake of her father Shimura Ken in their family dojou.! Burdens with a hammer until he regained his memory ignores the girls making a fuss over him and designates to.