2. Cook 4-6 minutes. Spread frozen fries in a single layer on baking sheet. Tweet This I blot the chips/fries on a paper towel and season them with sea salt. About Old Bay Seasoned Fries . Contains: wheat, soy. Sprinkle it onto poultry, as well as beef. Carefully add frozen fries. Add a pinch of OLD BAY French Fry Seasoning on top of hot french fries for an extra punch of zest. Spread potatoes in a single layer on the baking sheet. Old Bay Fries – Toss the oil-coated potatoes with a little Old Bay Seasoning before baking and then season the baked fries to taste with salt, if desired. Easy, fast, and delicious. IDAHO® POTATOES, BATTER (WATER, UNBLEACHED ENRICHED FLOUR (WHEAT FLOUR, NIACIN, REDUCED … And if you’re looking for more roasted vegetable tips you can some here in this post. 3. The inspiration behind Old Bay Fries and Malt Vinegar Aioli. Feb 6, 2012 - Browse through our range of delicious and nutritious potato recipes featuring a dozen categories that cater to vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. Jul 1, 2020 - JB Frozen steak fries with Old Bay seasoning Cook fries then pour a little melted butter over then and sprinkle with salt garlic powder and a little old bay seasoning Heat to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Frozen Fries (thicker Steak Fries work best!) I decided to soak them to remove some of the starch, pat dry (really well!) Top the crispy French fries with the snow crab meat, queso fresco or feta, spring onions, cilantro and jalapeno pepper and bacon if desired. Wash each potato. Remove from fryer, drain on paper towels and serve. Once fries are cooked, toss with Old Bay seasoning and salt, to taste. Even better, it has a nice powdery texture that makes your French fries look like they’re covered in something extra special. Make the French fries, either the homemade method recipe or according the directions for store bought frozen french fries of your choice. Do not fill to top. Plus, these Old Bay Fries are Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, Low-Carb and Whole30 Friendly! Sprinkle salmon evenly with OLD BAY. Use it on snacks like French fries, chips and popcorn for even more zip. 3. 1 tbsp chili powder; 1 tbsp old bay seasoning; Salt / Pepper to taste; 2 Packs of Vegan Provolone cheese slices; ¼-½ cup regular unsweetened almond milk; Alpha Foods Burrito (we used Philly) Directions: Cook your fries according to the package instructions. You can sprinkle this all-purpose seasoning generously on crab, shrimp, chicken, French fries, corn on the cob, steamed veggies, scrambled eggs and even popcorn. Old Bay seasoning is typically used with seafood dishes, but here, this nut-free old bay seasoning adds soulful flavor to sweet potato fries. This Old Bay spice is terrific with veggies, soups and stews. It’s got a short list of ingredients that each bring the biggest bang for their buck. If you’ve had good seafood, then you’ve probably had Old Bay — we don’t make the rules, that’s just how things are. A huge thank you to Bumble Bee Seafoods for sponsoring this post and keeping The College Housewife afloat! Old Bay French Fry Seasoning has a one of a kind great taste. Seal in juices by using as a marinade or to simply spice up beef, pork, chicken & seafood dishes. https://www.countryliving.com/.../a43060/old-bay-french-fries-recipe Remove from fryer, drain on paper towels and serve. Even if you are pressed for time or counting calories - we have you covered. I find it very easily right by the fresh herbs in the produce section of my grocery store. Pour vegetable oil into fryer. On their own, French fries are a divine gift from the universe, but if 1 decade ago. I do this all the time--you can also slice up real potatoes, add a little cooking spray, and season the same way! 4. OLD BAY French Fry Seasoning is the perfect combination of sweet, savory & spicy, adding the world famous OLD BAY flavor to your standard sandwich side. These oven fries combine a little bit of kick from Old Bay seasoning with a little bit of sweetness from the, you guessed it, sweet potatoes! Old Bay French Fry Seasoning 37 oz. My family grew up in Rhode Island, where lobsta, hush puppies, clam chowda and Old Bay seasoning were born (actually Old Bay was born in Maryland, but you will absolutely find it in Rhody!). Ingredients. Getting sweet potatoes crispy isn’t exactly easy. Bake 1 pound crinkle-cut fries, then toss with 1 teaspoon Old Bay seasoning. 20 oz (566 g) Libertyville, IL 60048 847-680-9120. Based on the unique flavors of original Old Bay Seasoning, which adds bold flavor to just about any recipe you can make, Old Bay French Fry Seasoning is specially made so you can simply sprinkle it over your favorite foods. 15. 1 2. Cheaters' Old Bay Steak Fries. One of my family’s favorite ways to eat them is “french fried”, doused with Old Bay Seasoning aka Old Bay Parsnip Fries! Store your seasoning in a dry and dark place e.g. This seasoning works with any type of fries: fried, baked, or even frozen French fries. Old Bay seasoning; Cooking spray or olive oil ; Frozen steak fries; Instructions. Cook 4-6 minutes. 4. What Foods Taste Great with Old Bay Seasoning? Mincing garlic is not so much my favorite, so I save myself some stress and use this paste. Add more flavor to a variety of your favorite foods with Old Bay Seasoning. Home / Old Bay Seasoned Fries. With its iconic blend of 18 herbs and spices, OLD BAY Seasoning adds zest to each crispy, mouth-watering bite. Parmesan cheese is yummy too! Thanks to frozen fries, this side dish takes about 25 minutes from start to finish. Old Bay seasoning becomes an octogenarian this year, and is still a popular flavor enhancer for seafood, french fries, snacks, meat, vegetables and poultry. 1 tbsp chili powder; 1 tbsp old bay seasoning; Salt / Pepper to taste; 2 Packs of Vegan Provolone cheese slices; ¼-½ cup regular unsweetened almond milk; Alpha Foods Burrito (we used Philly) Directions. Anonymous. The Ranch dressing powder is delicious...You can use any herb to kick them up. Sprinkle with additional OLD BAY… Natural cut and seasoned with just the right amount of bold OLD BAY flavor, these fries are classic perfection. Time to make the fish. It features a special mix of 18 herbs and spices to enhance the taste of seafood and other dishes. Bake 18-20 minutes for a half sheet, 22-24 minutes for a full sheet, turning fries halfway through. Heat oven according to directions on bag of fries. For the batter I used unbleached all-purpose flour, baking soda, salt and seafood seasoning (I prefer Old Bay Seasoning). It’s still kicking after 80 years in business, and its potential goes way beyond seasoning boiled shrimp. Deep Fry: 1. But get ready because you’re going to have some fun with your New Bay Seasoning (and you’ll have some left after this recipe to play with). This seasoning can be used on seafood, such as salmon, shrimp and crab. Seasoned Fries; Natural cut fries with the bold flavors of Old Bay. The fries are starting to get golden brown, but just a little bit more… Perfect! Increase the oven temperature to 450F. Into the oven, they go to stay warm. Cook your fries according to the package instructions. Empty bag onto a jelly roll pan and spray the fries lightly with cooking spray. My husband, who is somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to all things burgers and fries, declared these the best non-potato fries he has ever had and promptly requested another batch ASAP. Frozen fries can be used with almost any flavor! Then add some olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and of course…Old Bay seasoning. Learn more about this essential seafood seasoning now! You can flavor them with whatever spices strike your fancy, have them on the table in less than 20 minutes, and they are pretty hard to mess up! OLD BAY Seasoning has been helping seafood everywhere reach its full flavor potential for over 75 years. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/articles/23-ways-to-use-frozen-tater-tots Cumin and chili powder are great for a little spice. Bake without turning until tender and browned, about 40-45 minutes. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/274731/air-fryer-old-bay-chicken-wings Ingredients. Drizzle with the garlic aioli and serve! Mix juice and oil in small bowl; brush on salmon. Either way, this recipe makes enough to have on hand whenever your in the mood for fries. Remove from oven and serve. Before my husband and I got together, I honestly don’t think I knew what Homemade baked fries have become one of my go-to side dishes. Whether one is making homemade French fries or using frozen, this seasoning blend can be sprinkled on at the end or cooked onto the fry. Serve with the tartar sauce. One time saving trick that I love is using garlic paste. I thought to myself, wow Maryland sure does love their crabs. Frozen Fries (thicker Steak Fries work best!) 4. Carefully add frozen fries. If your … Jul 26, 2019 - Tired of plain old french fries, add a little homemade french fry seasoning and spice things up! A unique blend of garlic, onion, salt, and premium spices. 95. Delicious Recipes. Taste the different world cuisines or try a new party snack. and toss them in a coating of Old Bay and tapioca flour. The first time I made these for my son and husband they disappeared so quickly, I barely even got to eat any. Although the spice blend hails from Maryland, Old Bay is beloved in the Mid-Atlantic, the South, and throughout parts of New England and the Gulf Coast. Grill over medium-high heat 5 to 6 minutes per side or until fish flakes easily with fork. Just the way I like ’em! Old Bay because, well seriously it just makes everything better. In a large bowl, combine potato wedges with oil, seasoning, and salt; toss to coat well. Try a little of anything! 3. These loaded crab fries are tossed with spicy Cajun seasoning and fresh garlic and then smothered with rich garlic aioli.On top of the aioli is tender crab pieces, fresh chives and jalapeños for a spicy kick!The perfect dish to close out summer with! For a tasty flavor variation check out Martha Stewart’s Italian Fries; Crispy Oven Baked Fries. Unseal and add in your potato sticks or wedges. This clean and easy technique creates crispy, delicious French fries using only a small amount of olive oil.