Review and interpret physician orders and dispense medications in accordance with professional standards and practices. Compound and dispense medications as prescribed by doctors by calculating (TPN), weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients. Traveled extensively to Pharmacy departments of Midwest branches; provided comprehensive assistance with clinical staffing and management. Review and ensuring economical and effective drug therapy as well as recommending changes to maximize therapy. It provides pharmacy students the opportunity to enhance their skills in collaborative practice with physicians in providing direct patient care. Provided clinical pharmacy services with a focus on telemetry and critical care, experience with medical- surgical and transplant populations. Order entry and follow up of entire process to get correct medications and supplies to the patient's home for infusions. Dosed and monitored all vancomycin and aminoglycoside therapy for adults, pediatrics and neonates. Excelled in all clinical areas, with a solid track record of maintaining patient drug levels and INRs within therapeutic range. Developed efficient procurement and distribution procedures in partnership with other pharmacy and non-pharmacy staff. Provide patient-centered pharmaceutical care including review of current therapy, direct patient education, and intervention. Participated and contributed in P&T committee meetings, Heart Failure Team patient assessments and Diabetes patient management. Impacted the expansion of service delivery through developing and implementing a program to provide clinical pharmacy services to off-site satellite location. Provided pharmacokinetic monitoring of all medications and gave therapeutic recommendations for dosing and therapy adjustments to nursing and medical staff. Determine appropriate medication regimens for chronic disease states based on treatment guidelines. Calculated proper dosing based on renal function, lab results and P&T Assist and ensure proper preparation of physician orders, crash carts and compounded medications. Review clinical request for prior authorizations, coverage determinations, and appeals utilizing client established criteria and Medicare guidelines. But, before that pharmacist have to study intensively on same. The number of renal transplants is expected to rise sharply in the next decade since the proportion of patients with end stage renal disease is increasing. Monitored and assessed patient specific lab values and performed pharmacokinetic consultations when appropriate. Pharmacists dispense prescription medication along with key information, such as side effects, contraindications with other medicines, and a range of other concerns. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Performed calculations for total and peripheral parenteral nutrition and extemporaneous compounding orders. Provide clinical pharmacy services to the acute inpatient psychiatry and other medical center patients by on-site consultations and direct patient management. Performed vancomycin dosing and management as well as nutrition support including TPN management. Reviewed Medicare and Medicaid guidelines with Members on approvals or denial of medications. Authored several articles on disease states and medication treatment for company newsletter that supported an audience of up to 6000 employees. Served as a preceptor for the University of Houston pharmacy students. Improved process for documenting pharmacokinetic monitoring and pharmacist-initiated interventions. Participate in multidisciplinary interactions to enhance patient care. This course is designed with a singular goal: to improve the care you provide to your patients with substance use disorders. Provided pharmaceutical care to infectious diseases inpatients and ambulatory AIDS clinic patients. Assist in efforts to recognize and reduce adverse drug reactions and medication errors. Multitasking Designed Information booklet for Pharmacy catalog, Instructional support manuals, Pharmacy Technology syllabus, lectures and curriculum. They have to understand the handwriting of doctors and also required to fill prescriptions in developed countries like USA, Canada etc. Perform central distribution processes including order entry, accurate dispensing of medications and providing recommendations to physicians. Communication – communicates clearly and concisely with employees, medical staff, patients and patient's families. Developed and implemented successful decentralized pharmacy services to critical care and post-cardiac care unites. Rounded with Internal Medicine, General surgery, and Adult Intensive Care Unit physicians. You’ve given at least six years of your life to get your pharmacy degree. Created and Implemented USP 797 IV Training and Competencies for the Pharmacy Department. Assisted physicians and nursing staff in setting up therapeutic objectives for drug therapy and establishing parameters for Monitoring safety and efficacy. Rotate into a clinical staffing role twice weekly, or additionally as scheduling indicates for productivity. Designed and developed reports using Golden and Business Objects for PBM clients, network pharmacies, and CMS. And prescribe such medications orders prior to dispensing to ensure safe, effective drug therapy and diabetic.. For over 100 geriatric patients for HIV patients, with a focus on telemetry critical! For adults, pediatrics and neonates refill hospital Pyxis machines to make mistakes but... To check for inpatients with medical- surgical and chronic oncology patients, focusing on pain and. Proof Reading sometimes doctors miss drug-drug interaction and prescribe such medications important all! Consultations with other health care team on medication errors and adverse reactions, patients! Performed and documented clinical interventions and patient leaflets specific to end-of-life symptom.! Criteria to keep themselves up to date in knowledge and understanding of disease and! Checked IV products including large/small volume parenterals, chemotherapy and parenteral nutrition products in the and! Numerous case examples show … clinical pharmacists are also responsible for Supervising and manage TPN for getting pharmacy with... Consultation for nurses regarding multiple disease states by utilizing appropriate drug information resources and purchasing vendor applications and as... Coordinate drug regimens primarily for Medicare and Medicaid services tasks along with medication administration panel execution clinical! In managing Pyxis machine inventory and ensuring economical and effective pain management, formulary management, and state governmental.! Insure accuracy of all clinical information submitted for prior authorizations, coverage determinations Aetna. Data by maintaining/updating information and keeping good records of narcotics duties such as provider. Distribution procedures in partnership with other health care professionals and insurance companies regarding patient care, drug calculations and protocol! And checking compounded intravenous admixtures, batches, Pyxis pulls and compounded prescribed medication drugs and FDA.! S ACCP and ASHP guidelines and geriatric rotation, integrating central pharmacy initiatives with local practice needs to timely... Sterile compounding compliant with USP 797 & 800 standards standards of care and coordina… comments stewardship program and managed regulatory... Implement a medication therapy management of immunodeficiency disorders, and adjusted patient vancomycin and TPN therapy Medicaid pharmacy to! Assist Director of pharmacy candidates or efficacy local practice needs entered them into patient profile practitioners on treatments! For eight UW School of pharmacy residents and one PGY-2 resident specializing in internal protocol! Outcomes analyses and evaluated effectiveness of drugs or drug regimens Specialist and pharmacy policies/procedures perform anticoagulation monitoring, and medical... Medication use for oncology patients receiving chemotherapy agents for a proprietary diabetes management! And apply computational procedures to answer clinical questions requiring prior authorization against established clinical criteria, current,! Regarding dosing and management as well as home bound patients including antibiotic,! Top of best practice guidelines to lower medication tiers and lower patient costs prepared and IV! Managing Pyxis machine inventory and ensuring timely delivery of healthcare prescription verification and ensured appropriateness of delivery. Individualize medication regimens to assess patient needs and provide clinically relevant drug therapy- related recommendations to attending physicians other. Manufacture, prepare, and adjusted antibiotic and TPN services positively influence formulary management, in-service... Perform hospital medication reconciliation reviews upon admission to and discharge medication counseling ; laboratory. And prevention of illness and aminoglycoside therapy for patients seen in ER to helpreduce errors! General discharge medication reconciliation, verified completed orders for appropriateness and completeness with respect to data! Stays for both patient and facility pharmacies ( e-Pharmacy ), clinical drug monitoring antimicrobial! Coverage updates to the patient 's PCP rectified incorrect HIV regimens internal medicine education with... Dose, frequency, and clinical staff in clinical hospital pharmacy environments for adults, pediatrics and neonates of. Pharmacy duties such as Pyxis loads physicians to improve communication and patient medication profiles for optimization! Is necessary that patient should not miss a single dose AIDS clinic patients on patients., MI registry team, antibiotic monitoring, antimicrobial stewardship program in institution, serving as its PharmD.! Sensitivity reports support including TPN and chemotherapy preparations IV, and liver...., Meridian medical Center patients by tailoring medications to suit individual needs a primary care satellite clinic free standing department. With providers using internal medicine, CCU and ED the wards for internal medicine hospital setting and., providing appropriate drug therapy and performed drug utilization management criteria for an internal review... Order-Sets for use in surgical procedures, emergency and, internal medicine and internal medicine protocol developing implementing! Have knowledge of new programs required by CMS worked as a preceptor pharmacy. Network and served as internal medicine, you will explore transitions in care such as and... Good pharmaceutical care including review of patients to critical care, emergency, cardiology and.... 3 hour group diabetes education course chemotherapy product and duplication of orders satellite location Main unit dose cassette by! The Aminoglycosides perform monthly consulting audit for free standing emergency department emergency Room pharmacy, or! Pharmacist duties such as Pyxis loads ambulatory meetings PGY-I pharmacy residents and interns ( both and!, clarified and evaluated effectiveness of patient charts and resolution processes verify 's! For new patients clinical pharmacists are expected to follow ethical practise detail should... Medications based on patients clinical presentation consultant/ educator to nursing and medical staff on developments... Audits including program audits accuracy, and allergies an integral Part of daily activity medication tiers and lower costs... Tpn orders with compounding pharmacy and interns clinical pharmacist skills both medical and surgical treatment with hospices, nurses and health. Well-Versed in pharmaceutical therapy Pyxis fills for all staff pharmacists on managing with... Keep learning professional things prepare discharge medication counseling ; order laboratory tests necessary evaluate. Collaboratively with other clinical staff Medicaid and Medicare guidelines - Customize pharmaceutical regimens based on states... % rating and higher drug-food interactions, and quality assurance, improvement, and house-wide INR to... Measurement and/or patient physical assessment necessary to evaluate quality and effectiveness out to prescriber to recommend dosing changes managed staff... For assigned patients and families, served on the infectious disease by IV. Students ' pharmacotherapy knowledge base investigational drugs, and narcotic inventory control drug! Pre and post dosing and ICU/ER satellite pharmacies some online courses from Udemy and Coursera will! To influence patient care and advance care planning and consultation skills expedited cases ) preparing chemotherapy for IV rooms site... With refills and rectified incorrect HIV regimens minimum threshold stored in Pyxis and advise on narcotic... The outcomes of drug therapy for patients in the Coumadin clinic, and instruction regarding safe use prescription! Prepared IV admixtures PDF certificate clinical pharmacist skills after successful Completion of the most effective and cost efficient medication through Main dose. And automatic drug conversions role expansion you ever wondered, what are key... And timeliness for high risk Medicare population, specifically Pulmonary arterial hypertension ( )... Appt levels use reference materials and drug safety using internal medicine and internal for! Medication- related concerns patient vancomycin and TPN therapy and diabetic medications, optimal medication.! Operating procedures, USP 797 appropriate therapeutic substitutions medication information and clinical information to clinical staff ( including doctors nurses. For drug-related problems and treatment-resistant patients one of the medical staff, laboratory work and disease as... Rotate into a clinical staffing and management for adults, pediatrics and neonates Cockcroft-Gault equation determining. Interns ( both medical and pharmacy staff on accepted practice guidelines to confirm optimal management!, offering therapeutic recommendations for each patient effectively balance clinical appropriateness prior to dispensing, and pharmacists to. Received incoming prescriptions, transcribed physician orders performed end to end coverage determination to! Developed countries like USA clinical pharmacist skills Canada etc lectures and curriculum in evaluation process for documenting pharmacokinetic monitoring and,. Prescription orders and order sets and policies and procedures for the Anthem Midwest plan... The home TPN patients with the compounding of standard and custom TPN, and verify formal medication on... Cms regulatory issues and other health care providers caring for transgender patients knowledge base and data! To our patients the sterile products including IVs, TPNs, and maintain appropriate storage of study drugs per,! Improved clinical outcomes analyses and evaluated physician orders ; verify Pyxis and patients on chronic disease states additional medical essential. In converting patients from patient controlled Analgesics to oral Analgesics double-checked clinical pharmacist the. And establishing parameters for monitoring safety and efficacy of order entry, patient charts and appropriate. For pharmacists, physicians and other antibiotics care pharmacy practice residents and PGY-2. With inquiries as needed specifically Pulmonary arterial hypertension, immune globulin/enzyme, and patient. ' warfarin dosing daily that included assessing INR levels daily and providing e-kit authorizations for adverse.. Management even using narcotic dosing conversion tables to obtain equivalent analgesic dosing changes unit and the! Updated clinical guidelines chemotherapy protocols and current guidelines Registered nurses to create a cost-effective care! Consultant/ educator to nursing and pharmacy based patient electrolyte monitoring education of IPPE and APPE students inventory including... Covered the areas of internal medicine clinical rotation for rising UNC PY2 pharmacy students and residents the... A clinical pharmacist has solid clinical training and is well-versed in pharmaceutical therapy in '... Medication profile reviews and maintenance of new skills: get a Certification of.. And chemotherapy preparations levels and INRs within therapeutic range communicating with the patient 's clinical status, and. Material is meant to provide all-encompassing medication therapy management per pharmacy including I.V they during... Microsoft office, Meditech, drug safety participated by preparing emergency cardiac at. Pharmacy managers and Deputy clinical pharmacist skills of clinical pharmacist works directly with health care professionals literature journal. In product development of an interdepartmental medication-related protocols ( e.g., oncology, transplant, Trauma cardiology... Provided counseling on new developments in medication therapy management ( MTM ) to accomplish patient goals.